Cabo Activities: Swimming with Dolphins

Have you ever wanted to swim with, learn about, or train dolphins? If so Los Cabos might be the very best vacation destination for you; here you can make your dreams a reality by visiting one of the many dolphin centers in and around Cabo San Lucas.

Swimming with Dolphins in Los Cabos

There are a huge number of reputable companies which offer dolphin experiences all over Los Cabos, and they offer a huge selection of programs and activities which cater to all kinds of people. Many programs will allow for direct interaction with Pacific bottlenose dolphins, which is a truly unforgettable experience.

Here are our absolute favorite programs which allow you to get to know these magical and magnificent creatures on a more personal level in Los Cabos:

Swim and Ride Experience

This is without a doubt the most popular family program in Los Cabos, and it’s easy to see why! After a short introduction to the physiology and anatomy of the dolphin you’ll be told about their distinctive traits, and then you will enter the water with them. Once in the water you can hug, kiss, and play with your dolphin before taking a belly ride around the pool with them. This will leave you with memories which will last a lifetime.

Dolphin Kids

This is a dolphin program which was designed for kids aged 4 to 9, and it is really something. The playful nature of kids and dolphins alike make a perfect match. This program allows the kids to play, interact, and learn about the dolphins before taking a ride around the pool with them. Few kids will not be delighted by this experience.

Dolphin Encounter

The dolphin encounter is perfect for those who love dolphins, but who don’t want to get into the water. You’ll get to feed them, stroke them, and use newly learned hand-signals after a lesson in dolphin anatomy and physiology. This is the perfect experience for anyone who loves animals.

Trainer For a Day

For those who have always dreamed of working alongside marine wildlife, or who want to be dolphin trainers this is the perfect activity as you don’t just experience the center as a guest, but actually join the team for a day. You’ll get to rub shoulders with expert trainers while you feed and care for these gorgeous creatures. Prepare to have your heart stolen!

Dolphin experiences in Los Cabos are the very best vacation activities to enjoy.