Popular Movies Filmed in Puerto Vallarta

Throughout the years, many popular movies were filmed in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Did you know that? Puerto Vallarta has been selected as an ideal location to film movies because of the small-town atmosphere, original cobblestone streets, and the lovely beachfront landscapes. Did you know that Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit (neighboring state) are also wonderful places to consider a second home to invest in? If you prefer to invest in beach real estate in Mexico, then you may be interested in the Villa La Estancia, which provides residences on the beachfront in a welcoming coastal community. It is the perfect location for people who are wanting to invest in a second home or a retirement home in Mexico. Continue to read below if you would like to learn more information about popular movies filmed in PV. You can also see why Villa La Estancia is the perfect second home in paradise for expats wanting to learn their dream life in Mexico.

Eight Popular Movies Filmed in PV:

  1. The Night of the Iguana – 1964
  2. Herbie Goes Bananas – 1980
  3. Predator – 1987
  4. Revenge – 1990
  5. Beverly Hills Chihuahua – 2008
  6. Limitless – 2011
  7. Sundown – 2016
  8. Godzilla: King of the Monsters – 2019

The Night of the Iguana

The first and original Puerto Vallarta movie that put the charming beach town on the map was The Night of the Iguana, which was filmed in 1964. The two actors that appeared in this movie were Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Although both actors were already married to others, Elizabeth and Richard began a passionate romance that attracted major media attention from the States to cover the affair. As a result, Puerto Vallarta’s tourism took off in the mid 1960’s after the movie was released. Likewise, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton are credited for helping to propel Puerto Vallarta, Mexico into a top vacation destination.

Herbie Goes Bananas – Predator and Revenge

Just fifteen years later in 1980, Herbie Goes Bananas was filmed in Puerto Vallarta. This movie is an American comedy and adventure movie that was the fourth film in the Herbie series produced by Walt Disney. The movie starred a white Volkswagen Beetle (Herbie) that had its own mind. All around Puerto Vallarta, Herbie had many adventures, and it even went aboard one of the cruise ships docked at the Puerto Vallarta terminal.


In 1987, Predator was filmed just south of Puerto Vallarta in the Sierra Madre jungle. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the star of this movie. This is an American sci-fi and action movie that John McTiernan directed, and John and Jim Thomas wrote. Schwarzenegger was the leader of a top military rescue team, and he was on a very important mission to save hostages in Central America. Predator became a very popular movie worldwide.

Revenge-Godzilla-Beverly Hills Chihuahua-Limitless-Sundown

In recent years, several other movies were filmed in Puerto Vallarta as well. In 2008, Beverly Hills Chihuahua was filmed in town that followed the adventures of Chloe, a chihuahua that goes on vacation in Mexico with her owner. Chloe gets lost during her getaway and depends on new friends she makes including a German shepherd to get her home safe and sound. Also, in 2011, Limitless was filmed here. The movie was based on the novel The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn, and it was directed by Neil Burger. This is an American sci-fi movie. Next, in 2016, Sundown was filmed in Puerto Vallarta. Sundown is a movie about 2 high school students that come to spring break in Puerto Vallarta, but they end up on a crazy adventure when one of the locals steals a Rolex watch that belongs to one of the teen’s dad. Lastly, Godzilla-King of the Monsters was filmed in Puerto Vallarta recently. This is an American thriller and monster movie.

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Famous Past Puerto Vallarta Residents: Burton and Taylor

The modern world culture may have been in a frenzy over following the relationship of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (when the relationship was going well), but there were other famous and powerful couples that also captivated us in the media. Film legends Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor were probably one of the first relationships we followed through the media. Their dramatic, scandal-filled romance played out before our eyes through media coverage as the couple fell in love with Puerto Vallarta while falling in love with each other. The publicity that their romance brought to Puerto Vallarta made a once quiet little town a thriving tourist spot.

Famous Past Puerto Vallarta Residents: Burton and Taylor

When Burton and Taylor met on the set of Cleopatra, these icons saw that they had something special even though they were both still married to other people at the time. When Burton got the acting deal in The Night of the Iguana by director John Huston, he had to go to Puerto Vallarta. He saw to it that Taylor was with him. During the filming Burton took a boat each day from Puerto Vallarta to the movie set in Mismaloya, a location south of Puerto Vallarta and near the landmark called Los Arcos.

Burton and Taylor’s Lover’s Arch

Burton seemed to love the view of downtown Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay when he built a home in Puerto Vallarta’s Gringo Gulch neighborhood. Burton felt that renting the home across the street, Casa Kimberley, seemed perfect for Taylor. Burton had the Lover’s Arch built, which was a bridge that connected his property to hers that is still there now. This bridge allowed them to visit each other while maintaining their independence in a way that was private. It also provided a fast way to depart whenever they had their epic arguments.

Crazy about Puerto Vallarta

The passion they had for each other soon spilled over to a love for Puerto Vallarta. It started with Taylor’s love for Casa Kimberley, which was a gift from Burton for her birthday, and the influence of their romance conducted within the seaside town changed the once quiet town into a popular travel destination.

Even after their second marriage ended in divorce, their passion for Puerto Vallarta continued and since then the whole of Banderas Bay has become one of the world’s most sought after vacation and residential spots.