FAQ: Can I sell my Villa La Estancia Residence share in the future?

Yes, you may resell your fractional shares or full ownership at Villa La Estancia Residences just like any general real estate sale.

The residences you buy at Villa La Estancia Residences are fully deeded for both full and fractional ownership. When purchasing fractional shares, you will receive the deeds for your fraction, which you can sell at a later stage, if you should so wish.

Typically, resale shares are listed with a local real estate broker, who will promote the sale of your share the same way they promote any other property for sale. You may also sell your Villa La Estancia share privately by advertising in publications, newspapers or on the Internet at free real estate listing sites. You set the price and are in control of the sale, just like any other property sale.

Just like any real estate investment, you can also leave your property in a will, rent it, sell it or simply enjoy it!