Tips for Expats in Mexico

Are you an expat that is planning on moving to Mexico? If you are, then you undoubtedly be fascinated by the rich history, welcoming locals, and amazing weather, but there is more to Mexico than just fine cuisine and breathtaking beaches. If you want to live the best life that you can in paradise, then you will need to adapt with your local community as well. Will you be moving to Mexico or hope to soon? If so, then read our tips for expats in Mexico below, so you can live the best life in your new country and home.

Tips for Expats in Mexico: Keep Your Expectations in Check

Many expats may encounter unknown obstacles when moving to Mexico, or any new country. You should keep your expectations in check so you can adapt to your new home with ease. You need to stay open minded about how other people live in Mexico, especially when it differs from what you are used to. For example, it’s very common for individuals to seemingly invade other people’s personal space, but this is culturally accepted and not considered rude. Don’t become offended if this happens to you, you simply need to understand and accept this as this is the new place you are calling home now. A stranger may appear to invade your personal space as people stand closer to one another, and this may not be comfortable to you. However, as an expat moving to Mexico, you need to try to understand they are not being rude to you. This is the normal way of life for many people in Mexico. Also, be prepared to give hugs and cheek kisses to people that you meet, as this is how people in Mexico greet one another whether you are old friends or meeting for the first time.

Tips for Expats in Mexico: Learn to Be Patient

You need to learn to be patient and nice to people around you if you want to live your best life when moving to Mexico. It is not polite for an expat to be loud and rude in public when voicing their personal opinions with Mexican natives. Nearly all Mexicans are very nice and welcoming to foreigners, so you should return the favor. When you are out and about, you should always greet people and show a kind spirit. If you want to integrate yourself well into your new community, then you need to get to know your neighbors on a personal level. You should try to learn to speak Spanish, even though some expats live a great life in Mexico without ever learning the language. However, if you do learn at least some basic Spanish you will have a much more fulfilling experience. Your new life in Mexico will be enriched if you learn to speak Spanish, and there are classes available that are very affordable, too. One important word that you should learn is “Usted”, which is how you formally address someone you meet for the first time, or anyone who is older than you.

Tips for Expats in Mexico: Keep Cash and Coins With You For Tips

Many of the locals in Mexico earn their living by selling their handmade items at the beach, selling fresh fruits and vegetables, and washing windshields of cars. Expats should always be grateful for what they have, and sharing with others really goes a long way. If you can afford it, then you should keep cash and coins with you for tips. For example, the people that bag groceries at grocery stores don’t receive a regular paycheck as their tips is their paycheck. Therefore, you should tip them when you buy groceries, then if someone helps you put the groceries in your car or even takes your shopping cart back for you, you should tip them as well.

Tips for Expats: Try To Avoid Speaking Loudly

Living in Mexico for almost ten years and being an American expat, it can be very annoying when you hear other Americans speaking English excessively loud. You have to remember that you are actually a guest living in Mexico, and you need to show respect for others. Just tone the volume down. Also, you should never make fun of others who aren’t able to speak English regardless of where you are in the world. You should appreciate life when moving to Mexico, and you should try to learn Spanish, too.

Tips for Expats: Public Restroom Preparation

You may be shocked to know that some public restrooms at restaurants or bars don’t always have toilet paper and soap available. To resolve this small issue, you should carry soap or hand sanitizer and toilet paper with you. If you do, and you need to use the restroom, then you will have no problems. Also, most of the businesses and homes in Mexico don’t have A/C, so the temperature inside will be just as they are outside. Just dress accordingly to the weather.

Just go with the flow when moving to Mexico. You have just read the top tips for expats in Mexico. Try using these tips, and your new life in Mexico is sure to be interesting, fulfilling and as wonderful as you hoped it would be.

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Living in Nuevo Vallarta with a Young Family

If you have decided that living in Nuevo Vallarta is the right thing for you and your family, or perhaps you are still undecided if it is the right move, here are some reasons why living in Nuevo Vallarta with a young family could be the best decision you ever make.

Living in Nuevo Vallarta with a Young Family

Nuevo Vallarta and neighboring Puerto Vallarta have many different kinds of activities for people of all ages, budgets, and persuasions, and so you can find something to do in every corner of Banderas Bay, even if you come with a young family. The beach in Nuevo Vallarta is perhaps its best feature with shallow waves ideal for playing and bodyboarding, but there is also a good shopping mall, dolphin sanctuary and a small marina with a boardwalk. Plus, the streets are safe for bicycles, and there is a jogging lane that can also be used for rollerblading.


On the North Shore just a short drive from Nuevo Vallarta, you can find Bucerias with its quiet yet hip atmosphere, art galleries, beach and water sports. Further north you will come to Punta Mita where the sun, sand, and seafood make for a great time for all the family. This is the area to be in if you want to enjoy some sport fishing, bird watching, boating, or a leisurely cruise around the bay. When living in Nuevo Vallarta, going north is sure to be something you do regularly.


If you head just a little further North, you will come to the famous Sayulita, which is known as a surfer’s paradise. If you have demanding teenagers this hip and funky town is a must visit; the crowd here is young, and the waves are a most stunning and affordable playground. In Sayulita great restaurants catering to all budgets can be found around the plaza.

Downtown Puerto Vallarta

Heading into Puerto Vallarta is about a 30-minute drive when living in Nuevo Vallarta. The downtown area of Puerto Vallarta is teeming with activities for people of all ages, and the boardwalk is a great place to see and be seen. Your teenagers might like to hit Senor Frogs, and little ones will love the Papantla dancers and the street performers. Either way, you should walk along the boardwalk to see the open air theatre at Los Arcos, where there are generally a variety of shows, and of course the Los Muertos Pier where you can enjoy an ice-cream and some really stunning views.

Puerto Vallarta’s South Shore

Starting where the cobblestones meet a paved highway after Puerto Vallarta’s Old Town, the South Shore heads towards Barra de Navidad along a beautiful coastal. Along this road you can find beaches, jungle, and river walks, and even bungee jumping. Your young children may enjoy the zoo and a trip to the Vallarta Botanical gardens too. The south shore is a great place for nature-loving people living in Nuevo Vallarta.

Mountain Towns

For those days when you have had enough of the beach, you can always head into the mountains for a cooler experience. The towns of Mascota, El Tuito, and San Sebastian are charming towns which are fairly close to Nuevo Vallarta, taking between an hour and two hours to reach. This can be a very rewarding way to spend your time if you want to do something away from the beach. If you travel just an hour inland from Nuevo Vallarta and you will find San Sebastian where there is a wonderful plaza to stroll along, a river to hike along, and wonderful eateries in which to cool off and recuperate.

Mascota is found only half an hour from San Sebastian and has a wonderful medieval church to see. Close to here is the Sierra Lago Resort where you might choose to visit for a relaxing weekend; this is a heavenly mountain resort nestled by a hidden lake is surrounded by forest. This resort has horses, bicycles, and serves some of the most gorgeous meals in the area. This is a must when you have growing kids who love to explore the outdoors.

Nuevo Vallarta is without a doubt a fantastic family friendly place to live. Living in Nuevo Vallarta will certainly bring a host of wonderful experiences.

Happy Healthy Lives in Puerto Vallarta

A high quality of life can be found in Puerto Vallarta, which is why many foreigners decide to come to Puerto Vallarta to save on medical practices, groceries, and much more. If you are planning to move to Puerto Vallarta to live, then here we have provided some useful tips on staying young and living happy healthy lives in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta Health Tips

Enjoy the Ocean Water

Swimming in the ocean water will help to keep your body healthy. The salt water from the ocean will purify the skin and promotes cell growth while detoxifying too. You can lower stress and depression and increase endorphins when you swim in the ocean daily.

Eat Fresh

Fortunately, there are tropical fruits being sold on just about every corner in Puerto Vallarta with prices that are amazingly low. You can leave any Puerto Vallarta market with a bag of fresh produce for just under five dollars. You can enjoy the exotic fruits, which include passion fruit, mangos of many varieties, guanabana, star fruit, yaka, and lychees if you just step away from the regular fruits like apples, bananas, and oranges.


In Puerto Vallarta, seafood is affordable, abundant, and packed with many nutrients. There are open air markets where seafood can be purchased freshly caught. You can even purchase seafood fresh on the beach. You should try eating raw seafood and cooked seafood such as shellfish and fish by marinating them in lime juice, the Mexican way.


Puerto Vallarta has numerous venues for exercise for every preference and health reasons. There is cross fit, yoga, boot camps on the beach, gyms, and the municipal stadium to exercise. If you love fitness and you want only the best exercise equipment and professional instructors, then you will have no problem finding that and more in Puerto Vallarta. At Villa La Estancia, you will be able to use the hotel’s state of the art gym as part of your ownership privileges as well as the pools for swimming.

You can have a happy healthy lives in Puerto Vallarta. There are so many foreigners relocating to Puerto Vallarta, so they can enjoy a healthier lifestyle without all the extra costs.