Visit Villa La Estancia for the Holidays!

Are you hoping to make last minute travel plans and celebrate the holidays in Mexico? If so, come visit us at Villa La Estancia in Mexico. We have luxury properties in the Riviera Nayarit and Cabo San Lucas. Right now, we have special travel packages just in time for the holidays. We also have a limited number of beachfront residences for sale if you want a second home in Mexico. Plus, we have stringent sanitation and hygiene protocols in place in response to keep our guests and homeowners safe. You deserve to enjoy a luxury vacation and stay safe, too. Read more below about how you should celebrate the holidays at Villa La Estancia!

Visit Villa La Estancia for the Holidays!

To be honest, there isn’t a better place to celebrate the holidays than in warm and sunny Mexico. We have warm and pleasant weather during the winter months. Unlike locations up north, Riviera Nayarit and Cabo enjoy warm and sunny days during the holidays. We offer comfortable accommodations, top amenities and VIP services. For resort guests, they will love our multiple pools, lush landscaping and fine dining on the property. If you want to own a beach home in Mexico, Villa La Estancia has elegant beachfront residences. Our hotel-condo concept is ideal for expats who want to own a vacation home at the beach. Plus, the onsite staff is friendly and welcoming and can help take care of your property while you are away.

Mexico Vacation Packages

Right now, Villa La Estancia is offering deals to visit us for the holidays. Why not take a break from cold winter weather and head south to Mexico? You will love soaking up the sun by the pool or swimming in the warm ocean waters. In Riviera Nayarit, our property is located in Nuevo Vallarta, a tranquil neighborhood that has some of the best beaches in Banderas Bay. In Cabo, we are found on Medano Beach which is an ideal spot to own property. Plus, beachfront residences are spacious, luxurious and come with amazing ocean or sea views. Homeowners and resort guests will love enjoying quality time with their loved ones in Mexico. With multiple pools, a Spa, onsite fitness center and excellent dining options on the property, Villa La Estancia is the perfect place to celebrate the holidays in paradise.

Villa La Estancia Real Estate

Villa La Estancia also has a limited number of beachfront residences for sale. If you want to buy a second home in Mexico, it’s a great choice for savvy investors. The hotel-condo concept is ideal if you want to rent out your unit when you are not visiting, too. Plus, their onsite staff is friendly, professional and courteous. In addition, Villa La Estancia resorts have received the Safe Travels Stamp for successfully implementing safety measures. That way, homeowners and resort guests can still enjoy vacations without worrying about their health.

Despite the challenges of 2020, Villa La Estancia has health and safety measures in place in order to safely welcome guests and homeowners back to paradise. Do you want to celebrate the holidays this year in Mexico? It’s time to jet away to celebrate the holidays at Villa La Estancia in Mexico! Don’t you want to take a break from winter weather and head to sunny Mexico instead? Come visit us at Villa La Estancia in Riviera Nayarit or Cabo. We can’t wait to see you!

Luxury real estate in Villa La Estancia

Luxury Real Estate at Villa La Estancia

Have you been researching real estate in Mexico, because you want to invest, but you really aren’t very sure where to begin? Do you want to ensure that your investment is a smart decision, and not have the burden of making repairs and maintenance? If so, then an investment with the Villa La Estancia is a great option. We offer private beachfront residences that also have access to world class resort amenities and services. With full and fractional ownership options available, your dream home in Mexico is at Villa La Estancia. Read more to learn why Villa La Estancia Los Cabos means luxury real estate.

Villa La Estancia: Luxury Real Estate Los Cabos

Villa La Estancia is proud to be a AAA Four-Diamond luxury resort that also has private beachfront residences for sale. We have exclusive locations in Cabo San Lucas and Riviera Nayarit. Buying luxury real estate at Villa La Estancia is a smart choice if you prefer a low maintenance property. Our professional maintenance team will make sure your home is in tip top condition all year long, whether you are in town or away. Plus, we have several different options of real estate for sale at Villa La Estancia.

Two Bedroom Suite at Villa La Estancia

  • Spacious Residences

To start with, we offer spacious 2-bedroom suites all the way up to the VIP penthouse suites. All of our suites are very spacious and comfortable. Plus, they have high-end décor and elegant finishes so you don’t have to purchase anything and can move right in. Also, the suites have kitchens with the best appliances and a large living area where you and your family can spend quality time together. Most residences also come with their very own private balcony, which is the ideal spot for drinking wine and watching the breathtaking Sea of Cortez views. Lastly, investing in real estate at Villa La Estancia is perfect if you want to have easy access to the resort amenities and services, too.

  • Excellent Quality of Life

Many Americans and Canadians have decided to retire and become an expat in Mexico. Their decision to move to Mexico usually includes considerations such as the opportunity to enjoy improved quality of life. Plus, the wonderful climate is hard to beat. Access to quality and affordable healthcare is easy to find in Mexico. Those people who want to have an excellent quality of life can do so without spending a fortune. Also, traveling to and from Mexico back to the US and Canada is affordable, too. That way, our homeowners can easily visit friends and family or take care of business as needed. Have you always wanted to live a better lifestyle? You can do so at Villa La Estancia in Cabo San Lucas or Riviera Nayarit.

  • Rich Mexican Heritage 

You can actually experience everything that makes Mexico special and unique when you buy real estate in Mexico. Mexico is well known for its amazing cuisine and solid family values. Plus, you can also enjoy a variety of water and nature activities, cultural events, great shopping, art galleries, gourmet restaurants, and so much more. You will always find something to do in Mexico. If you buy real estate at Villa La Estancia, you probably won’t want to leave the property. However, if you do want to get out to explore all that Mexico has to offer, there are plenty of things to do in and around town. Right now is a good time to start planning for your future. Purchasing real estate in Mexico is a smart choice and wise investment. Are you ready for an exciting adventure? If so, then consider investing in luxury real estate at Villa La Estancia. You don’t have to worry about maintenance and upkeep on the property, and the resort quality amenities will make every visit feel like a dream vacation. We have limited inventory available so get in touch before it’s too late. Don’t forget to ask about our Try and Buy program which lets potential homeowners test out a unit before they invest. Contact us today to learn more.

Right now is a good time to start planning for your future. Purchasing real estate in Mexico is a smart choice and wise investment. Are you ready for an exciting adventure? If so, then consider investing in luxury real estate at Villa La Estancia Los Cabos. You don’t have to worry about maintenance and upkeep on the property, and the resort quality amenities will make every visit feel like a dream vacation. We have limited inventory available so get in touch before it’s too late. Don’t forget to ask about our Try and Buy program which lets potential homeowners test out a unit before they invest. Contact us today to learn more.

Why Condos are a Good Investment

Why Condos are a Good Investment

The popularity in purchasing condos over single-family homes has steadily risen in recent years with no sign of slowing down. If you have been considering a new piece of real estate to call home, you surely have been weighing your options regarding condos and houses, but perhaps aren’t convinced one is better for you than the other. Let’s examine some of the top reasons why purchasing a condo might be the best housing fit for your lifestyle.

Minimal Responsibility

Purchasing a condo can be an ideal fit for a buyer interested in a home that is move-in ready. Boasting a convenient and low-maintenance lifestyle, condos are an appealing choice for anyone who is too busy for, or simply uninterested in, the effort that goes hand in hand with owning a single-family residence.

Perfect for those who don’t like DIY

If you’re not particularly handy and the idea of physical labor or making DIY repairs and upgrades to your home makes you feel uncomfortable, owning a condo may be the perfect solution for you. Maintenance is generally limited to the interior of a condo, while the condo association fees you pay will take care of the exterior and many structural components. Of course, one of the biggest draws for many people is the fact that they won’t have a yard to take care of, saving both time and money.

Sense of Community

While you may get to know your neighbors if you live in a single-family dwelling, the higher number of residents in most condo buildings and communities means your chances of interacting with your neighbors considerably increases, from walking your dog to picking up the mail, which can be a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with your community and even make some new friends. If you enjoy being social, this could be perfect for you!

Save Money

Generally speaking, you will pay more for a single-family home than a condo containing the same number of square feet when in the same type of condition and in the same area. This is an especially important selling point for first-time buyers or those on a budget.

Extra Amenities

While amenities vary greatly between condo communities, there are often extra perks that could make your life a lot more convenient or comfortable, with some properties that are downright resort-like with pools, fitness centers and sometimes even party rooms, all of which would be significantly more expensive to build or maintain in a single-family home.


The fact that many condo buildings are located in the most popular areas means you could end up living in an amazing neighborhood you may never be able to afford otherwise, often within walking distance to restaurants, bars, shops and more.

Fractional Vacation Ownership at Villa La Estancia Residences Riviera Nayarit

The Best Luxury Real Estate on Banderas Bay

Mexico’s ever flourishing real estate industry counts the areas of Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta as today’s top destinations for luxury properties. Found along the Pacific Coast of Mexico, Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta together form the world renowned Banderas Bay.

Best Luxury Real Estate on Banderas Bay

Despite the downward trend brought by the recession of 2009 that brought changes in Mexico’s development and real estate industry, prices of luxury realty remain stable yet affordable. 2016 and 2017 paint a much better future for developers and realty investors according to real estate forecasts as prices are expected to surge in the near future. Luxury real estate buyers should snap up this opportunity to purchase property on Banderas Bay, before these lower prices begin to rise.

Banderas Bay No.1 For Luxury Homes

Mexico’s real estate market provides investors and homeseekers with luxury that is affordable. Luxury real estate on Banderas Bay is available at reasonable prices, which means that the house of your dreams is within your reach. You are sure to find a lucury second home that perfectly suits your budget and needs on Banderas Bay.

The choices for luxury real estate on Banderas Bay are diverse, especially in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit. You can choose from stunning mansions on the beach to luxury condo units with swimming pools and resort facilities like restaurants, room service, world class spas fitness centers. The prices you can expect to pay for luxury real estate on Banderas Bay are highly influenced by the kind of neighborhood where your property is located and the future of the area.

Why you should invest in luxury real estate on Banderas Bay

A list of benefits awaits you if you decide to invest or make Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit your second home for luxury real estate:

  • many hours of sunshine and comfortable, warm temperatures year round.
  • affordability; both in terms of cost of luxury real estate as well as cost of living
  • large expat community with several social clubs (poetry, yoga, fishing clubs, painting, reading groups etc).
  • accessibility, including cheap flights to USA and Canada and international airport.
  • quality selection of fine dining restaurants
  • day spas
  • bars and live music venues
  • boutique theatres
  • sunsets over the ocean every evening
  • walks along the Malecon boardwalk
  • art galleries

Living on Banderas Bay does not only mean staying in your own elegant home or standing on a portion of luxury realty, but it’s having the simple pleasures of life that are worth sharing with your family and special ones.

For more information about the best luxury real estate on Banderas Bay, check out the full and fractional options at Villa La Estancia Residences.

Luxury Realty in Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta

Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta, that forms part of Banderas Bay on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, is ever becoming the top destination for luxury realty. Development in Mexico and the real estate market has seen a revival over the last couple of years following the recent recession, yet you can still find excellent prices for luxury realty in both Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta. While forecasts are promising for developers as house prices are set to rise in the coming years, buyers should make haste to purchase while the effects of the recession on prices can still be felt in Mexico.


Your Chance for Luxury Realty in Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta

Despite what you might think about Mexico, if there is one thing that the country does best is to create luxury homes at affordable prices. Luxury in Mexico costs less, without a doubt. Your dream home with all the services can be yours in Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta without having to give up having a foot back home. Second home ownership is truly affordable in Mexico.

Luxury realty comes in all shapes and sizes in Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta: from grand mansions on the water’s edge to lavish condos with pools and beach access to resort living like Villa La Estancia Residences, where you can enjoy all the facilities of a five star resort like pools, gourmet restaurants, a first class spa, gym, room service and so forth. The neighborhood you choose within Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta can also affect the price of your luxury realty investment, albeit not as drastically as it does in the United States and Canada.

Benefits of Living in Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta

Besides the year-round sunshine and warm temperatures throughout winter, living in Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta has its benefits. Firstly, the luxuries that make life more fulfilling are more affordable. You can see yourself getting a massage each week, beauty treatments that you maybe can’t afford back home, or surgeries that are considered a luxury but which make you’re life more comfortable.

The thriving expat community in Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta is also an attraction for many people seeking luxury realty. You can join all kinds of groups such as painting classes, writers’ clubs, poetry festivals, yoga classes, fishing and yacht clubs to mention just a few. For those of you who like to support local charities, you can also meet other expats helping out as a host of different non-profit organizations including orphanages, cats and dogs groups, turtle sanctuaries and disability charities welcome the help of residents.

Your social life need not just be about helping the community, there are plenty of bars, fine restaurants (including gourmet wine and food festivals each year), dancing clubs (with lessons) and street parties to enjoy. And when there is nothing special to do, you will never tire of walking the malecon boardwalk to catch a subset with an ice-cream or frozen yogurt. Life really is good in Banderas Bay!

Luxury realty in Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta is not just about elegant houses and property investment, it is about a way of life that you will want to share with your loved ones, and which will enrich your life no end.

villa la estancia real estate nuevo vallarta

Utilities and Expenses of Homeownership in Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta

Purchasing a luxury residence at Villa La Estancia in Riviera Nayarit near Puerto Vallarta in Mexico offers many elegant benefits to homeowners, including making the payment of utilities and expenses relating to running your home simple. Not only will you be able to find support and advice with the Villa La Estancia Residences homeowners’ association but many of your monthly expenses are covered by your maintenance fees.

villa la estancia real estate nuevo vallarta

However, owning a property in Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta can seem daunting for some homeseekers, which is why we have compiled a list of tips to help you navigate your way around the expenses and practicalities of homeownership in Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Put Utility Bills in your Name

There are a number of circumstances when you will be required to provide proof of address in Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta, such as immigration procedures, getting a Riviera Nayarit or Puerto Vallarta driving license and so forth. Making sure that you have at least one utility bill in your name will save you the trouble and risk of carrying the deeds to your property with you to carry out simple formalities.


If you are not planning to live in Riviera Nayarit or Puerto Vallarta throughout all the seasons, you have the option to pre-pay many of your bills in preparation for your absence. Villa La Estancia residences in Riviera Nayarit make it easy for homeowners who can pre-pay maintenance fees or leave a voucher to authorize payments.

Open a Bank Account

Having a Mexican bank account will come in very useful and is fairly straight forward if you are planning to live in Mexico or spend your winters here. Not only can you manage your utility bills and expenses but also transfer funds internationally. The best advice is to choose a bank that has on-line services and great customer service. Many banks in Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta employ staff with a good level of English.

Maintenance Fees

Each condo or residential complex will be different, but most, like Villa La Estancia Residences, will charge maintenance fees every month. Some properties may charge fees quarterly and give discounts for advance payments.

Property Taxes

Property taxes or “predial” are due each year in January. Paying your property taxes is simple enough or you can pay online. You will need your Property Tax ID number (Cuenta Catastral) and a copy of the deeds to your property, or the previous year’s bill. You get a discount if you pay in January of February. Villa La Estancia Residences fractional property owners will not need to worry about these taxes as this expense is included in your maintenance fees.

Income from Rentals

Some Villa La Estancia Residences homeowners choose to rent their properties during those times when they are not occupying their luxury home in Riviera Nayarit. This is equally true of fractional owners during their allotted time. Renting your property can help offset your maintenance costs, although you must ensure that you seek advice regarding taxes on your income from rentals in Mexico.

Villa la Estancia Residences - Luxury Beach Real Estate

Villa La Estancia Residences for Luxury Beach Real Estate

For luxury beach real estate in Mexico, look no more! Villa La Estancia Residences is sure to fulfil your dreams of a second home in paradise or a permanent relocation in search of the good life. Life on the beach in Mexico doesn’t get more luxurious nor more affordable than at Villa La Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta on the Riviera Nayarit, with options for full and fractional real estate at a 4 Diamond hotel complex on the beach.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the reasons below why choosing luxury beach real estate in Mexico is one decision you will not regret.

Location! Location! Location!

Nuevo Vallarta, and Riviera Nayarit in general, is among Mexico’s top beach resort destinations, being a particularly convenient choice for home seekers living in Canada and the United States because of the short and affordable flights. Only a very quick drive from Puerto Vallarta’s international airport, getting to and from your vacation home is easy for you and an attractive incentive for visitors and renters alike to come and visit.

Sunny days are before you

If there is one thing that you can say about Villa La Estancia luxury beach real estate, is that the sun will shine on you more than 300 days a year. Banderas Bay, which includes the tourist destinations of Nuevo Vallarta (Riviera Nayarit), Puerto Vallarta and Punta Mita claims hot sunny weather for more than 80% of the year. Say goodbye to your socks and sweaters, say hello to flip-flops and sun hats.

Villa la Estancia Residences - Luxury Beach Real Estate

Choosing from the Best

Villa La Estancia luxury beach real estate provides you with so much choice in terms of exclusive properties located within a 4 Diamond 5 Star hotel complex. You can choose from two and three bedroom residences and luxury penthouses as well as opt for fractional purchases with a choice of 1/4 (12 weeks) or 1/8 (6 weeks) fractions. You could also begin by investing in a fraction and later use the equity towards full ownership with developer financing also available for a limited time only.

Luxury Living in an Exclusive Community

When you purchase Villa la Estancia luxury beach real estate, your property will be located within the grounds of a 5 star hotel that offers all the luxury facilities you would expect of a world class resort. You will have use of the swimming pools, loungers, access to the beach, spa, gym and restaurants etc. You will live the life of a guest at one of Nuevo Vallarta’s top hotels yet be treated to all the benefits of an owner.

The Friendliest place to live in Mexico

Making Riviera Nayarit your home, whether for only a few months each year or as a permanent residence, you will notice that this is one of the most friendly places you will find. Not only is it part of Mexico’s hospitable nature that you will be met with the friendliest locals, but you will also find a host of expats ready to invite you to a golf tournament, fishing excursion, salsa class or book club. Making a new life in Mexico, doesn’t mean you have to leave you favorite hobbies behind.

If luxury beach real estate sounds like the kind of properties you are looking for, why not explore this website further to find out how Villa La Estancia can make your dreams come true or contact us directly.

Mexico Luxury Real Estate in Bucerías, Riviera Nayarit

Mexico luxury real estate in Bucerías, Riviera Nayarit is one of the most attractive lifestyle investments you could make if you are looking for a year-round combination of great climate, wonderful scenery, lavish accommodations and warm people. Luxury real estate in Bucerías is a fabulous opportunity to make Mexico your second home in a totally safe and beautiful part of the country.

Why is Mexico Luxury Real Estate in Bucerías such a great investment?

Bucerias, Riviera Nayarit is one of those destinations on the Pacific Coast of Mexico that provides a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of luxury real estate opportunities to suit the US and Canadian search for quality, luxury and safety. There are many benefits to living in Bucerías, Riviera Nayarit, whether just for the winter season to escape the cold, for a month at a time or permanently. Among such benefits, a warm climate throughout the year is one of main attractions, in addition to Bucerias’ lengthy beach that stretches miles from Nuevo Vallarta to La Cruz to Huanacaxtle.

Bucerias’ stunning natural surroundings has attracted many expats to purchase Mexico luxury real estate in Bucerías, enchanted by the delightful offering of restaurants, bars and farmers’ markets as well as plenty of activities to keep you entertained. Golf, fishing, diving, horseback riding, spas and more are common pastimes among those who invest in luxury real estate in Bucerías.

At Villa La Estancia, you will find a fabulous range of two and three bedroom luxury residences and penthouses on offer for full and fractional real estate purchase. Not only do you enjoy elegantly designed luxury residences with incredible ocean views, but also Four Diamond services at one of the most luxurious hotels and spas in Riviera Nayarit. Real estate opportunities in Mexico, don’t come more comfortable or more elegant than this!

Villa La Estancia and Mexico’s Premier Luxury Real Estate Developer

When it comes to luxury real estate at the beach in Mexico, there are a number of key developers to look out for. The Villa Group are renowned for their brand of luxury residences at the exclusive Villa La Estancia in Riviera Nayarit and Cabo San Lucas as well as an impeccable reputation for quality, class and value for money.

About the Luxury Real Estate Developer

The Villa Group are a highly reputable company that boasts more than 30 years providing leisure services and vacation ownership opportunities in Mexico. With 8 beachfront resorts in the top vacation destinations in Mexico, including residential real estate opportunities on site at the most luxurious of its hotels, the Villa Group falls into the category of one of Mexico’s premier luxury real estate developers.

About Villa La Estancia Residences

Villa La Estancia Residences are all about elegant and luxurious lifestyles by the sea. You can purchase exclusive two and three bedroom villas as well as opulent penthouses to enjoy a second home at one of Riviera Nayarit and Cabo San Lucas’ most luxurious hotels.

Two and Three Bedroom Villa La Estancia Villa Suites

Two and three bedroom villas range in size from 2,163 to 2,583 sq.ft boasting en-suite bathrooms for all bedrooms and a full guest bathroom off the living room. Each residence has a hacienda style gated entry leading to a solid maple door to your property, ten foot high ceilings, a spacious open-plan living and dining room with a full gourmet kitchen, plus all the modern comforts you would expect of a luxury home. Bathrooms include large travertine showers, whirlpool tubs and marble counter twin vanities.

Villa La Estancia Penthouses

The penthouses at Villa La Estancia take luxury living to another level. From 4,000 to 5,000+ sq.ft. in size, the penthouse residences are fit for a king, boasting spectacular views from expansive terraces with outdoor jetted tubs and chic terrace furniture. These glamorous Villa La Estancia penthouses provide the elegance you dream about.

Villa La Estancia and Mexico’s Premier Luxury Real Estate Developer

Full or Fractional Real Estate in Riviera Nayarit and Cabo San Lucas

Villa La Estancia Residences offer a unique opportunity to own a luxury property by the beach in the top destinations in Mexico. Lavish living can be your reality, and at Villa La Estancia you can choose between full ownership or deeded fractional ownership. For those of you toying with the idea of retiring in Mexico in the future, fractional ownership of a luxury Villa La Estancia property is a happy medium until you decide to live the dream every day of the year, or perhaps full ownership makes a more attractive investment for you. Our expert luxury estate agents can help you discover the best options for you.

Luxury Real Estate Developer Financing

What distinguishes Villa La Estancia Residences from other real estate opportunities is the chance you have to take advantage of developer financing. With an agreed deposit, you could loan the remaining balance of your property directly from the developer, paying the outstanding balance in payments. Developer financing makes it easier to own in Mexico, plus we take care of all the paperwork and documentation you need to legally own your own slice of paradise.