Moving to Mexico: Expat Life

These days, more and more Americans and Canadians are planning to spend their retirement in Mexico. A few major reasons why Americans and Canadians are choosing Mexico as their retirement destination include the amazing weather and a lifestyle that is relaxed and laid back, which sometimes isn’t as easy to find in their own native countries. Another major factor is the healthcare is high quality and affordably priced, which is especially hard to come by in the United States and in Canada. If you are wanting to retire where the cost of living is affordable so you can truly enjoy your retirement, then Mexico is a great choice. Can you see yourself as an expat in Mexico?

To enjoy a retirement that is stress-free, you should start planning ahead now. We have provided several reasons why you may want to consider becoming an expat in Mexico.

  • Vacation Time Year-round: There are many exciting reasons why foreigners choose to become an expat in Mexico and enjoy their retirement. Mexico is known for its beautiful and breathtaking beaches, excellent weather, and affordable living. Mexico isn’t too far away from other countries, which means friends and family members can come and visit you often. Traveling to Mexico from the majority of cities in the US or Canada is usually quite affordable and finding flight deals can be done. If your friends and family members plan on a visit, then they can take advantage of buying in advance for added deals. Many people that actually become an expat in Mexico feel as if they are dreaming as they lay on the beach drinking a cold, delicious cocktail. You will be able to watch spectacular sunsets every day and make the little moments count.
  • Cost of Living is Affordable: To have a wonderful retirement life in Mexico it would cost approximately $2,175USD a month for a couple to retire according to a retirement website. This amount is an estimate and essentially would cover rent, utilities, food, healthcare, and entertainment. A gardener and housekeeper allowance is also included with that estimate. In 2017, the Social Security Administration retired Americans averaged approximately $1,369USD for their retirement income, so if you retire in and become an expat in Mexico, then this amount of income would allow couples to retire comfortably. As the healthcare crisis in the United States continues to occur, Mexico becomes an even more attractive option.
  • Health Care: A top benefit for a Mexico expat is having the access to the best doctors and hospitals at a fraction of the cost you would pay in other countries. If you need to see a doctor for a regular doctor visit in Mexico, then you can expect to pay $500 to $700 pesos, which is approximately $30 to $40 dollars, because the peso is currently at a low. If you need to pay for a prescription you will not be charged a lot of money. This is a major difference as prices for the same type of medicines in the United States or Canada would be significantly more.
  • Delicious Food and Rich Culture: There is much more about Mexico than the healthcare and housing savings. The delicious food and interesting, rich culture can’t be found anywhere in the world. The local residents are very welcoming and warm to expats in Mexico. The street vendors provide delicious food options at excellent prices, and if you love shopping, then you will be happy as there are many shopping options available. Mexico expats will have the options to splurge on fancy restaurants or affordable restaurants as all of the food choices are delicious. An expat in Mexico can enjoy a special outing and have many options for bars, clubs, and restaurants.
  • Luxury Beachfront Real Estate: Another huge benefit to expat life in Mexico is the fabulous beachfront real estate available such as Villa La Estancia in Riviera Nayarit. With world-class amenities and high-end finishes, you can find your dream home in Villa La Estancia’s oceanfront and beachfront private residences that are simply unmatched by other properties. The award-winning Villa La Estancia in beautiful Riviera Nayarit just north of Puerto Vallarta is the perfect luxury beachfront real estate investment. Whether you plan to live full time year round, or just have a comfortable and familiar beautiful vacation home, Villa La Estancia offers quality construction and the best finishes and services. Check out Villa La Estancia’s website at to learn more about what these breathtaking luxury beachfront residences are still available for purchase. What are you waiting for? The time is now to make Villa La Estancia your new dream home to create the expat life in Mexico you have been thinking of.

When you are ready to plan your retirement, you should consider becoming an expat in Mexico. Mexico is an excellent choice financially and can offer a higher quality of life. You will experience different cultures and when you move to a new country you will have many adventures that you can enjoy. Affordable living and healthcare, delicious foods and adventures, and a rich culture is just a few reasons you should consider becoming an expat in Mexico. And if you are able to set down roots and make your expat dream life a realtity now, check out Villa La Estancia at to find your dream beachfront private residence today.

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All in all, Mexico is a great place to enjoy your retirement. Are you considering becoming an expat in Mexico? If you do, then we will see you at the beach!

Can you see yourself as an expat in Mexico?

In today’s changing world, more Americans and Canadians are deciding to retire in Mexico than ever before. The laid back lifestyle and great weather are major factors in choosing to live abroad as opposed to retiring in the states. Plus, the access to high-quality healthcare at a reasonable price is something that is becoming very difficult to attain in the US or in Canada. Also, the lower cost of living makes Mexico a great option for those wanting to have a good quality of life at an affordable cost.

Planning ahead for retirement is something that all individuals should do so they can enjoy a stress-free retirement. Here we will take a quick look at how much money you would likely need to become an expat in Mexico and retire in style.

Permanent Vacation
There is so much to offer foreigners looking to settle down and enjoy their retirement as an expat in Mexico. Well known as a popular vacation destination thanks to its beautiful beaches and warm weather, retirement in Mexico offers chance to live in paradise as you make fond memories with your loved ones. Mexico is also geographically close enough to have friends and family visit regularly as opposed to retiring in another country that is farther away. Travel to and from the states to Mexico is usually affordable and it is relatively easy to find good deals on flights, especially if you plan ahead or take advantage of last minute travel deals. Many individuals that become an expat in Mexico feel as if they are living out a dream as they sip cocktails and watch stunning sunsets on the beach as part of their daily routine.

Lower cost of living
According to the retirement website, it would take around $2,175 USD/month for a couple to retire in Mexico and maintain a great quality of life.
This estimate takes into consideration money for rent, food, entertainment, utilities, healthcare and even an allocation for a housecleaner and gardener. Based on averages from the Social Security Administration in 2017, the average monthly amount retired American workers earn is $1,369USD/month which would give a retired expat in Mexico more than enough to live comfortably if they decide to retire as a couple. With healthcare costs alone soaring in the US to records highs, this makes Mexico an extremely attractive option.

Access to private hospitals and doctors is one of the top benefits for an expat in Mexico. A standard doctor visit generally only costs between $500-$700 pesos which translates to only around $30-40 dollars since the peso is near all time lows. In addition to the reasonable cost of a doctor visit, prescriptions and over the counter medicines are also very well priced. For example, the cost of a specific medicine in Mexico costs $175 pesos per bottle which is only around $10 USD. When buying the same medication with no insurance in a US pharmacy, the cost is around $125USD. What a huge difference for the same exact medicine!

Culture and Food
In addition to the savings you will find in housing and healthcare, there truly is so much more about Mexico that makes it special. The amazing food and family centered culture are some of the best in the world. In general, the local people are very friendly and welcoming to an expat in Mexico, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love tacos? Besides delicious and cheap street fare, there are many high end shopping and dining options available as well if you decide to splurge. It is nice to be able to have access to both lower priced options that are so tasty, as well as fancier restaurants and bars for special outings for an expat in Mexico.

In conclusion, when starting to plan for your future, consider that retirement in Mexico might be a viable and financially smart choice. If you love experiencing different cultures and find a sense of enjoyment in the adventure that comes with moving to a new country, becoming an expat in Mexico might just be right for you. From the affordable healthcare, lower cost of living to the amazing food and culture, Mexico is truly a wonderful place to retire. Do you see yourself becoming an expat in Mexico? If so, we will see you on the beach!

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Medical Evacuation Insurance for Expats

If you are planning a trip to Mexico, then you may have considered purchasing travel insurance; but what if you are planning to stay for longer periods each year, let’s say for the whole winter? Or perhaps you are thinking of purchasing a second home in Mexico? What options do you have for health insurance? Medical evacuation insurance might be all that you need?

Health insurance for expats in Mexico

Firstly, it is not uncommon for some health insurance policies in the USA and Canada to cover expats while they are out of the country and staying for longer periods of time in Mexico. It is certainly worth checking with your insurance provider to see if you are covered. Likewise, you may think that you will not be in Mexico long enough periods of time each year to warrant taking out addition Mexican health insurance and may opt to take the risk of not being covered and paying for medical care if needed (which is much more affordable in Mexico than back home). However, if you are planning to make Mexico your main home, it is highly recommended that you take out private Mexican health insurance.

What is the difference between health insurance and medical evacuation insurance?

Health insurance is the level of medical cover you have to protect you in the event of illness or accident according to the terms and conditions of your policy. Health insurance will cover the cost of treatment and surgeries etc. Medical evacuation insurance is a policy that makes sure that you are able to get back home while you are abroad to receive treatment (so long as you have health cover back home, that is). Often, your standard health insurance will not cover the expensive cost of repatriation in the event of a severe illness or accident and commercial airlines will not permit you on flights if you are in a critical condition.

What is the point of medical evacuation insurance for expats?

Medical evacuation insurance is highly recommended for anyone who:

a) does not have any form of medical insurance cover in Mexico but has a full policy back home.
b) is covered in Mexico for treatment by their home health insurance policy but is not fully covered for repatriation in the case of serious illness of accidents.
c) has basic Mexican health insurance that only covers emergencies and you need to cover the cost of getting you back home to receive the medical assistance.
d) has Mexican health insurance but need to see a specialist in your home country.

What about travel insurance for expats?

If your trip to Mexico is going to be for a short time, then travel insurance may be all you need. However, remember that most travel insurance policies are valid for a limited time such as 60 to 90 days. Travel insurance coverage can also vary drastically, and many of the travel insurance policies that come with medical repatriation come with strings attached which limit the coverage of repatriation, forcing you to receive treatment in Mexico.

Those with Mexican private healthcare coverage

Individuals that plan on staying in Mexico for a longer time may opt for private healthcare insurance or IMSS which will cover your healthcare while you are in Mexico, but anytime that you become critically sick or injured, then the expats medical evacuation insurance will definitely come in handy because once you are cleared to return to your home country the expats medical evacuation insurance will assist you. You will be able to be with your family to provide you support, see your local doctors and hospital. You should remember that the regular healthcare insurance policies that only provide medical treatment will not pay for any flights for you to return home.

Medical evacuation insurance benefits for expats

Medical evacuation insurance for expats is very beneficial in the event of drastic circumstances. Anyone who has had to pay for medical repatriation out of their own pocket will know that these costs are extremely high and can leave you bankrupt. If you need medical repatriation, then you should know that no commercial airline companies will fly you back home if you happen to be in critical condition medically. Medical repatriation will not only supply you with a direct flight to your home country, but it will also provide you with a team of trained medical professionals and medical transport experts that will coordinate between the hospitals, doctors, airports, and all government agencies. They will also provide your family with all the information needed during the evacuation process too.

The cost of expats medical evacuation insurance are not expensive and if you consider the support network along with the professional medical teams that you will be provided with, it is a great value, especially during a medical emergency that may affect you or your family member.