A Simpler Life: Expats in Mexico

What is the reason why you decided to move to Mexico? (Or are contemplating a move to Mexico?). For some people, it is the lure of a simpler life not hyper focused on material possessions and a fast paced lifestyle. Here are a few reasons why you can find a simpler, yet more fulfilling life, with a move to Mexico.

Less Focus On Materialism

One of the best parts of a move to Mexico, is the chance to reconnect with what we enjoy most about life. Is it time with our family or children? Is it spending time working on a creative hobby, or exploring new cultures? A fast paced life in the United States or Canada can be overwhelming at times, and also feel lacking in depth. A move to Mexico can help you improve your quality of life and spend more time doing what you love.

Less Work, More Play

Thanks to the lower cost of living in Mexico, a move to Mexico can mean you have a better quality of life than you have in the United States or Canada. Instead of filling your days with work and stress, you may find you have more time for play and spending time with loved ones. It is a great chance to identify your priorities, and realign your daily life with what matters most. You can let go of superficial concerns and really focus in on a simpler life with a emphasis on quality, not quantity. Now the only question is, what fulfills you?

Access to Quality Healthcare

In addition to slowing down your life’s pace with a move to Mexico, you will also find that quality healthcare is very accessible and affordable. Regular doctor visits typically only cost around $30-$50USD out of pocket, and most prescriptions are very well priced too when compared to the excessive cost of healthcare in the United States. There are several governmental healthcare institutions in Mexico such as IMSS, ISSSTE and the Seguro Popular that are available to expats at little to no cost. Even private healthcare insurance options are very reasonably priced, and doctors are very attentive and qualified.

Affordable Mexican Real Estate

Is owning your own home not possible in your native country due to excessive real estate prices? With a move to Mexico, you may be able to realize a dream of becoming a homeowner by purchasing Mexican real estate. Mexican real estate options are varied, and much better priced than similar real estate options in other countries. Mexican real estate can be legally purchased by expats by creating a trust, so perhaps a move to Mexico will help you find your dream home as well.

Many people that move to Mexico obtain a simpler, more stable lifestyle that focuses on family and enjoying each moment life offers you. Is a move to Mexico in the cards for you?

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10 Reasons to make Mexico your Home

Mexico is a vast and eclectic country that can often be overlooked as a place to lay down more permanent roots. Whether you already feel the seeds have been planted to make the move or if the idea is still fresh, read below for some pointers on why moving to Mexico is a fabulous idea.

10 Reasons to Make Mexico your Home

The People

Three words to describe the people of this wondrous land would be kind, curious and welcoming. Mexican people will take the time to ask you, with genuine interest, about your experiences and to share their own. If you take the opportunity to exchange a few words with the locals, you will most likely be given tons of advice on the best places to visit or perhaps even invited to eat in the family home.

The Climate

The beauty of the Mexican climate is that with such a huge landmass it can cater for everybody. If you love a tropical climate, you can have it! If you prefer cool mountain weather, it’s yours!

The Colors

Mexico is a visual feast of colors that is never dull. This country has a bright palette demonstrated by the food, textiles, flowers, traditional paper banners, street art, even houses – the list goes on!

The Lower Cost of Living

Coming from the U.S. Canada and Europe, the cost of living feels substantially cheaper. You will find yourself spending a fraction of the price on things like eating out, rent and transport. This allows you to worry less and enjoy more.

The Cuisine

Although Mexican food can vary from state to state as each region puts their spin of things, the cuisine is consistently delicious. Classic flavors draw from tomato, chili and corn, lime, onion and cilantro. You can find mouthwatering seafood and fresh fruits, exquisite traditional foods including soups, meats and sauces, and not forgetting of course the foundational taco.

The Landscapes

The sheer size of Mexico paves the way for countless gorgeous landscapes from the Caribbean beaches of the South to the rocky desert of the North. There are volcanoes, tiny mountain towns, copper canyons, rapids, mountainous jungles and urban cityscapes.

The Nature

Given the wealth of natural resources that Mexico nurtures, its biological diversity is something to be treasured. Mexico boasts almost 30,000 species of flowering plants and 1,500 types of mammals, reptiles and amphibians. You can experience the grandeur of the pink flamingo in the Yucatan or the millions of Monarch butterflies in Michoacán which migrate from Canada each year.

The Celebrations

Another colorful element of the culture is the festivities! With a plethora of bank holidays to celebrate national and religious holidays, there is plenty of joy to be had throughout the year. You can join the celebrations by sporting the national colors of red, white and green whilst eating, drinking and dancing to your heart’s content.

The History

Mexican history is a rich and interesting study, from the Olmecs and Mayans, to the Spanish conquest, to modern day political issues. There are many museums and art galleries throughout the country to tell the story, particularly in the larger cities like Mexico City and Guadalajara.

The Sense of Fun

Finally, Mexico is a country that has a sense of fun and freedom to it which is contagious. Perhaps this is brought to us by all of the above; the endless opportunities to experience something new and the generous people which make it all possible.

Do you need any more reasons to make Mexico your home? Contact us today!

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Why Mexico Tops the List for Happiness

In recent years, as well as being one of the top vacation destinations in the world, Mexico has become a retirement hotspot, which draws in tens of thousands of people year on year. It’s more than just the pristine beaches, crystalline waters, and sun-soaked promises of adventure that keep people choosing the country, however; Mexico is now considered one of the happiest places in the world!

Top for happiness

Mexico News Daily broke this story while citing information gathered by Gallup, the Happy Planet Index, New Economics Foundation, and the World Happiness Report, and places Mexico second in the world, beaten only by Costa Rica. What’s interesting about this is that despite having an economy five times smaller than the USA, Mexico ranked higher for happiness. Money clearly isn’t everything, then, but what is it that makes Mexico and its residents so happy?

Wellbeing and happiness

Wellbeing is somewhat of a catch-all term that can be used to describe an overall feeling of satisfaction with one’s life and choices; it can be defined as “the state of being comfortable, happy, and/or healthy”. While pretty much everyone on earth has room for improvement in their lives, it would seem that the people in Mexico who were surveyed have certainly found a way to enjoy life despite any shortcomings. Perhaps this high level of happiness comes from appreciating the little things and focusing on the positives rather than the negatives, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Long Life Expectancy

The average life expectancy is 76.4 years old, so long and healthy lives are very much the norm. This, no doubt, has something to do with the affordable private and national healthcare which can be found across the country, but the lifestyle has its part to play, too. The pace here is slower than in places like the US, and the relaxed outlook is definitely part of the smaller number of stress related issues.


Though most people would agree that having enough to get by with is a priority, the pressure to become wealthy isn’t the necessarily the same in Mexico. According to the article, the lower cost of living that can be found in Mexico allows people to have a good standard of life on relatively little money; people can live quite well on even modest incomes. In fact, everything from healthcare to housing and food is cheaper here.

A Slower-Paced Lifestyle

The lifestyle, as we have mentioned before, is much slower, too, and we feel that this is one of the most appealing things about living here. The laid back atmosphere is really great, and though it may get on your nerves if you’re in a rush it’s still very easy to appreciate how good it must be for the people who really get into it. Less chaos, less stress, and a happier, healthier life.

This difference in attitude can be seen in the work life balance; while most people in Mexico work six days a week this does not stop them from living life to the fullest!

So, how would you feel about making Mexico your home away from home? For more information about buying real estate in the second happiest country in the world explore the rest of this website or give us a call to find out about real estate in Cabo San Lucas or the Riviera Nayarit.

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