Riviera Nayarit Awarded Safe Travel Stamp

Riviera Nayarit was one of the first locations in Mexico to receive the Safe Travel Stamp. Granted by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), the WTTC is an organization that recognizes the proper implementation of updated health and hygiene protocols recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). In addition to information from WHO, the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has set forth recommendations regarding business operations post-COVID. At Villa La Estancia in Riviera Nayarit, we are ready to welcome guests back to the resort. We also have beachfront residences for sale if you want a dream second home in Mexico. Keep reading below to learn more about Riviera Nayarit receiving the Safe Travel Stamp, and how a vacation home in Mexico is a wise choice.

Puerto Vallarta Also Receives Safe Travel Stamp

In Mexico, many precautions and regulations were taken such as closing resorts, beaches and popular tourist landmarks. These measures were designed to flatten the curve and reduce the risk of illness transmission. Right now, businesses are starting to reopen their doors after temporarily closing during the peak of the COVID-19 and coronavirus crisis. The World Tourism Organization and more than 200 travel companies created the Safe Travel Stamp to help individuals decide where they can safely vacation. The Safe Travel Stamp was created to help travelers have confidence to safely visit certain tourist destinations again. With updated health and safety standards in place to keep staff and visitors safe, Puerto Vallarta Jalisco is proud to be considered safe for travel.

Riviera Nayarit

Likewise, Riviera Nayarit has also received the Safe Travels Stamp granted by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC). Home to the upscale beach neighborhood of Nuevo Vallarta, the area has luxury resorts that tourists love to visit. The local Nayarit government announced the gradual reopening of all hotels and motels on June 15th 2020. During this transitional time, they are carefully monitoring the success of reopening. To start, area resorts plan to initially operate at 30% of their capacity. If all goes well, they will continue to increase their capacity and adjust as needed. Currently, Mexican destinations with the Safe Travels Stamp also include Jalisco, Baja California Sur, Mexican Caribbean (Cancun, Riviera Maya and Grupo Xcaret, Riviera Nayarit and Yucatan.

safe travel stamp villa la estancia riviera nayarit

Mexico’s Rich Heritage & Culture

Mexico has a rich heritage and culture that makes it a top tourist destination. The neighboring state of Jalisco is famous for tequila and mariachi, and world-class beach destination Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta has old town charm, spectacular beaches, endless outdoor activities, gourmet restaurants and world class shopping. Businesses are making sure to follow strict protocol to ensure the health and safety of visitors and workers during the gradual reopening. However, travelers should always take care to adhere to personal health and hygiene practices including regularly washing hands, using facemasks in public areas, and avoiding crowded spaces.

If you want to get away to Mexico for a safe and fun vacation, consider the Villa La Estancia in Riviera Nayarit and Cabo San Lucas. Our modern hotel-condo concept properties also have a limited number of luxury beachfront residences for sale. We offer resort guests and homeowners world class amenities, elegant accommodations, and VIP services. For individuals that want a dream second home in Mexico, Villa La Estancia is a top choice. Even the discerning travelers will be thrilled with the quality of a stay or beachfront residence purchase at Villa La Estancia. Who knows, it could even turn out to be your dream home in Mexico. Ready to learn more? If so, contact us at Villa La Estancia today. Don’t forget to ask about the Try and Buy program so you can test out second home ownership in Mexico before you invest. Life is short, so seize the moment!

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Top Reasons to Buy a Vacation Home in Mexico

Reasons to Buy a Vacation Home in Mexico – Villa la Estancia
Banderas Bay has lovely beaches, a diverse culinary scene, friendly locals, excellent shopping and interesting cultural events. As a result, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit are desirable locations for expats that want to buy a vacation home in Mexico. Also, Mexico’s coastal real estate is still reasonably priced when compared with similar properties in the United States or Europe. Plus, the weather in the area is nice and warm all year long which outdoor lovers really appreciate. Do you hope to buy your own vacation home in Mexico? If so, keep reading below about Villa La Estancia.

Access to Modern Conveniences

While Nuevo Vallarta in Riviera Nayarit has a laid back and peaceful ambiance, neighboring Puerto Vallarta offers modern conveniences, amazing restaurants and great shopping that expats adore. Many expats that decide to invest in a vacation home in Mexico love the variety of local businesses in town, too. In Puerto Vallarta, expats are happy that they can find familiar brands and products that they are used to back home. For example, Puerto Vallarta has its own Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart, and Petco. In addition, there is a large expat community that welcomes newcomers with open arms. Plus, even if your Spanish isn’t great, it is still easy to get around Banderas Bay. The large expat scene and tourism in the area makes it easy for new residents to learn Spanish at their own pace without added stress.

Outdoor Activities – All Year Long

In addition to modern conveniences, Puerto Vallarta also has endless activities for residents to enjoy. In and around Puerto Vallarta, residents will love the thriving small theater scene, live music, museums, local tours, and cultural festivals. There is always something fun going on in Banderas Bay. In addition, there is no shortage of outdoor sports and activities to enjoy all year round. For outdoor lovers, Banderas Bay is the perfect choice for active expats that want to buy a vacation home in Mexico. Are you ready to buy your own dream home so you can enjoy the Puerto Vallarta lifestyle, too? If you are, check out Villa La Estancia’s exclusive beachfront community located in Riviera Nayarit. Villa La Estancia is located on one of the best beaches in the area in the quiet neighborhood of Nuevo Vallarta in Riviera Nayarit. Villa La Estancia also has resort amenities and services so that every day at your vacation home is relaxing and enjoyable.

Inexpensive International Flights

Last, but not least, it is easy to get to Puerto Vallarta. There are tons of international flights to and from PVR Airport between the States and Canada. Therefore, expats find that they can live a dream beach lifestyle when at their vacation home, and still get home quickly if they need to. Also, the close proximity makes it easy to have friends and family visit. To get a great deal on a flight, travel costs are significantly less during low season during the summer. Also, many residents find that the low season in Puerto Vallarta is still a nice time to visit their vacation home. While the heat can be quite intense, a dip in the ocean or some relaxation time inside in the A/C is an easy cure. Plus, there are less crowds and less traffic which makes your vacation time even more relaxing.

As you can tell, there are lots of great reasons why Riviera Nayarit is an ideal spot to buy a vacation home in Mexico. Do you want to learn more? If so, contact us at Villa La Estancia today to schedule a tour of our stunning beachfront residences. Located in the tranquil community of Nuevo Vallarta in Riviera Nayarit, Villa La Estancia could be your dream vacation home in Mexico. Remember, inventory is limited so contact us today so that you don’t miss out on your dream home in paradise. If you want to have it all, contact us at Villa La Estancia today to schedule a property tour.

Why Live in Nuevo Vallarta?

There are so many reasons why you should consider Nuevo Vallarta as your new home; the hundreds of thousands of people who visit for vacations yearly can’t all be wrong, nor the thousands of expats who already live in Nuevo Vallarta. Did you know that Puerto Vallarta was named one of the friendliest cities in the world by Conde Nast, and the area of Banderas Bay is classified as one of Mexico’s top 10 destinations?

Nuevo Vallarta’s Charm

The sheer charm of this oceanfront destination is a huge factor for many of those who live in Nuevo Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta’s quaint, traditional atmosphere and malecon blends perfectly with the modern conveniences and infrastructure you will find in Nuevo Vallarta: the results are irresistible! Of course, the low cost of living, great medical facilities, world class golf courses, yacht clubs, and plentiful charity work does help too!

A destination for all generations

Nuevo Vallarta is not just for retirees—though it is the ideal place to retire—; it is a melting pot which offers activities for kids and adults of all ages, persuasions, and budgets! Found where the Sierra Madre mountains meet the Pacific Ocean this is a place where outdoor activities are plentiful and varied, too, and there are plenty of bilingual schools which make it a great place to raise children!

Peace and quiet

Many Americans and Canadians move south for a more relaxed pace of life; while Nuevo Vallarta offers all the modern conveniences, the social etiquette is less uptight, and the pace of life is slower. Many people find this to be attractive and refreshing, choosing to live in Nuevo Vallarta for its laid back attitude.

Communities for all tastes

Whether you wish to live in Nuevo Vallarta’s suburbs, on the coast, in a grand gated community, or in a modern condominium Nuevo Vallarta will have the perfect home for you. There’s an area for each lifestyle and income level.

Cost of Living

The cost of living when you live in Nuevo Vallarta is much more manageable here in Nuevo Vallarta than it is in, for example, New York or Toronto, and for this reason real estate is reasonably priced and stable. You’ll be able to find everything you could back home, but very often the cost is lower (especially when it comes to fresh produce).

Safety and security

Banderas Bay as a whole, and Nuevo Vallarta in particular, benefits from an unusually low crime rate; as tourism is so key there has been a definite commitment from the Mexican government to ensure the safety of all!

Want to live in Nuevo Vallarta? Give us a call today and we can help you make your dreams a reality.

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Retirement in Riviera Nayarit

Riviera Nayarit: Far More than your Average Retirement Community

There is no doubt that Mexico is the number one choice for those looking to retire in a foreign land. Thriving expat communities that inhabit almost every coastal town, including, Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and everything in between, take advantage of low cost, laid-back lifestyles that make reaching retirement so much sweeter.

Retirement in Riviera Nayarit

Riviera Nayarit a Retirement Favorite

As the popularity of retiring in a foreign land hits all-time highs, so does the preference for Riviera Nayarit, Mexico’s hottest new destination. With its charming culture, stunning seaside towns and endless expanses of palm-fringed beaches, Riviera Nayarit offers far more than your average retirement community.

Attracting visitors from around the world, Riviera Nayarit’s colorful blend of old Mexican charm and modern luxuries creates the ideal destination for those looking to find their home away from home. In this peaceful haven, one can find the finest restaurants, a myriad of shopping opportunities, and a large variety of recreational activities, including world-class golf, sunset sailing and romantic strolls along the most alluring beaches.

Friendly Faces Grace Your Retirement

While the natural beauty that surrounds the region weighs heavily on one’s decision to make Riviera Nayarit their home, it is the genuine happiness and overall friendly atmosphere that exudes from every corner of the region that makes staying worth the while. At the heart of any great place is its people, and that couldn’t be truer for the residents of each and every town that dots Riviera Nayarit’s coast. From the end of Banderas Bay and beyond, the locals are known for their unwavering hospitality and heartfelt welcomes, making it easy to adapt to such a harmonious lifestyle.

Fractional or Full Time Retirement?

Choosing to live in Riviera Nayarit, even if only for part of the year, is a huge step in the right direction. One can find everything from villas to resort-style condominium complexes that make buying real estate in Mexico hassle free. While purchasing a Mexican home can be quite nerve wracking, it’s the option to buy upscale residences with 5-star resort amenities that draws people to the area. With endless opportunities to buy real estate, it is easy to make the move to a happier, more relaxed lifestyle.

Have you thought about a Try and Buy option? Visit us at Villa La Estancia Residences and see what you think!

Riviera Nayarit’s Pueblo Magico

Mexico’s famed beach resort towns of Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas continuously attracts visitors from all over the world. Impressive beach settings and countless commercial establishments that offer fun and entertainment are their major selling points. What many don’t know, however, is that Mexico has other cultural attractions that will surely charm and enchant visitors as well as those lucky enough to make Mexico their second home – Pueblos Magicos.

Riviera Nayarit - Pueblo Magico

Pueblos Mágicos

Pueblos Magicos (magical towns) are classified quaint villages that offer a glimpse of the country’s rich culture and tradition. The Mexican Secretary of Tourism has endorsed around 80 towns throughout Mexico with the “Pueblo Magico” seal of approval to guide visitors to find new and exciting ways of discovering Mexico and its great people.

Pueblos magicos are selected towns that are rich history and cultural heritage. It’s a program that was started in 2001 and acknowledges places like San Sebastian del Oeste, a quaint town located just over an hour from Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta A 1605 mining town, San Sebastian showcases the Mexican way of life and the traditional means of its people. Every visitor’s heart and emotions will be touched and mesmerized, and it’s within easy reach of your home away from home at Villa La Estancia Residences.

A perfect day trip from Villa La Estancia, San Sebastian del Oeste pueblo magico offers a variety of activities. Its beautiful landscape that is surrounded entirely by the picturesque Sierra Madre Mountains is a scene changer for anyone whose busy life centers around the city. One can simply walk around and view old buildings which are great examples of traditional colonial architecture or sit in the town’s tree lined plaza people watching.

If you are feeling a little more energetic, you can take a hike to the nearby Cerro de la Bufa and be with the company of clouds while the dusk provide a stunning sunset drama unfolding right before your eyes. For coffee lovers, visit Quinta Mary and have a taste of a purely organic coffee and a chance to see the meticulous production process it undergoes. Experience a different kind of experience where the contemporary blends with the traditional, taking visitors back in time a hundred years or more.

Today, San Sebastian is a home to just 600 inhabitants, a far cry from what used to be 20,000 population sustained through a thriving mining industry. Nowadays you can simply sit back and sit idly in a wooden chair admiring the overall appeal of this stunning town. The next time you visit Riviera Nayarit, take the time to explore San Sebastian and you’ll never forget the magical experience it will bring.

Top Farmer’s Markets in and Around PV and Nuevo Vallarta

Near Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta, there are a variety of farmer’s markets where you can go shopping and buy wonderful items at reasonable prices. These markets run every Autumn until the end of spring each year. If you are looking to buy something either as a gift for Christmas, birthdays or simply an item to have for yourself, you should visit these markets in the coastal towns along the Banderas Bay’s stretch.

Here’s a rundown of some of the top spots that offer the best items that are spiced up with that unique Vallarta flavor. Be sure to check their websites too for any relevant information.

Courtesy: Old Town Market
Courtesy: Old Town Market

Old Town Farmer’s Market (www.oldtownfm.com)

This is one of Puerto Vallarta’s hit markets that offers a great variety of fare and souvenirs every Saturday (9:30am- 2:00pm) from October until April. It’s a “producers only” event where you can find a variety of fine selected farm-fresh products, artisan foods, handicrafts, art, jewelry, clothing, community education and even live music. The vendors must be residents of Puerto Vallarta who lives within a 50 miles radius. All the products are locally made, baked and grown locally.

Marina Vallarta’s Market

With operating hours from 6-10 pm every Thursday, this high end market is frequented by people who want to explore one of Puerto Vallarta’s chicest neighborhoods and want to shop during evening. It occupies Marina Vallarta’s wide boardwalks and offers a mixed variety of products that include home decorations, natural soaps, artisan souvenirs and many more. Because of its late afternoon / early evening opening times, it is best that you go early afternoon to stroll along the walkway while the sun sets and have dinner at some of the finest restaurants around the area. Marina Vallarta’s market runs from October until May.

Mercado del Pueblo (mercadodelpueblo.org)

Sayulita’s version of a farmer’s market, never fails to entertain shoppers with its live music and entertainment. Around 80 vendors ply their trade here and sells natural and organic products plus many original native products. They also offer vegetables like relish and pickles, meat products, flowers, coffee and baked goods. It runs every Friday from 10 am to 2 pm until May.

Mercado Huanacaxtle (www.sayulitabeach.com/mercado-huanacaxtle)

Held every Sunday at La Cruz Marina, it is a home for more than 170 vendors who sell a tremendous line ups of native goods that include handicrafts, clothing, paintings artworks, jewelries, food products and even beehives. This is one of the largest markets in Banderas Bay.

Forever Spring Farmer’s Market (www.facebook.com/foreverspringfarmersmarket)

Located in Bucerias, this farmer’s market runs from 9am-1pm every Wednesday. Real appetizing goods are the specialties you can buy here that include cheese from El Tuito, vegetarian foods, Indian curries, sauces, jams, smoked meats and craftsman baked goods which you can buy wheat free or regular.

Marina Nuevo Vallarta (www.bestofnuevovallarta.com)

This fiesta-like market located at Nuevo Vallarta, marina features a bountiful array of products that include foods, crafts, clothing, glassware, jewelries, even dance lessons and yoga displays. You can take a leisurely walk while listening to great live music and have fun enrolling in some dance classes. This market is held from 9am-2pm every Saturday during high season from Autumn through spring.

Sea Turtles in Riviera Nayarit

Banderas Bay and Riviera Nayarit has long been a top tourist destination and locations like Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta are the crown jewels, so to speak, of the region. The tourist trade has done wonders for these destinations, making them vibrant and bustling, What is particularly enchanting is the way that the area’s wildlife lives side by side with tourism: sea turtle season being a great example of how a vacation in Riviera Nayarit will have you up close and personal with one of nature’s most beautiful creatures.

Sea Turtles in Riviera Nayarit

Sea Turtles are a beloved and longstanding part of the Riviera Nayarit ecological make-up, but in recent years their numbers have declined. Therefore, for the last thirty years Riviera Nayarit locals, hotels, restaurants and tour companies have been getting together to fight for the survival of the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle, and other similar species.

The beaches of Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta are host to swathes of turtles every year between July and December, as they ready themselves to bring forth the next generation. Pregnant sea turtles spend hours and hours digging the perfect nest for their eggs, and it’s not uncommon to see a whole group of them waddling about the beach in front of Villa La Estancia Residence in Riviera Nayarit at night during turtle season. It really is quite a sight to see!

Once the turtles deem their nests to be satisfactory, they will lay their eggs, bury them and return to the sea for another year. The cycle begins again when the baby Turtles hatch. Baby Sea Turtles have a rocky start in life; between airborne, landlocked and sea dwelling predators, poachers, and the struggle to even get out of their shells, let alone the danger of being dug up and devoured before hatching. Statistics reckon that 1 in 1000 will make it to adulthood. So you can see that they need all the help they can get.

Helping Sea Turtles in Riviera Nayarit

This is where guests and owners at Villa La Estancia Residences come in and the many dedicated conservationists. It’s very easy to do your bit for the endangered Sea Turtles in Riviera Nayarit while you’re on vacation in Banderas Bay. For a start you can be sure that you don’t interfere with the females while they lay and bury their eggs! You should also report anyone who does to the hotel or to local authorities.

Also, you can support one of the many conservation projects in the city by visiting open days and attending hatchings. Attending turtle releases really is beneficial; research has shown that spectators at such events ward off some of the turtle’s natural predators as well as poachers! Ask the activities team at Villa La Estancia Residences to tell you where the next sea turtle release will be in Riviera Nayarit. You may find there is one planned right outside the hotel.

Nothing makes a vacation truly magical quite like seeing these adorable reptiles scurrying towards the sea for the first time!

Vallarta botanical garden orchid

Recommended Day Trip – the Vallarta Botanical Gardens

One of the advantages of purchasing a slice of paradise at Villa La Estancia Residences is the choice of wonderful things to do for a day trip or afternoon excursion. The Vallarta Botanical Gardens, on the south shore of Puerto Vallarta make a short road trip from Nuevo Vallarta and are a delightful day out for all the family or a leisurely afternoon with your loved one.

Cooling off at the Vallarta Botanical Gardens

The gardens themselves are further up into the mountains on the south shore of Puerto Vallarta, a good hour’s drive from Villa La Estancia Residences in Nuevo Vallarta. As such, you can expect the climate to be much cooler, which is a dream come true during the humid summer months. The Vallarta Botanical Gardens are a great place to go if the heat down on the beaches is getting too oppressive. When you arrive at the gates you’ll be greeted by a member of staff who’ll take a small entry fee from you before you go in. If you are a permanent resident at Villa La Estancia Residences, you might even think about joining the gardens as a member.

Best Kept Secret

The Vallarta Botanical Gardens, and what they do, are probably the best kept secret in Puerto Vallarta. All the money made from these stunning gardens go to the upkeep of the gardens themselves as well as a number of educational and conservation projects. Proceeds from the gift shop, entrance fees and restaurant go to these charitable foundations and, indirectly, help to educate locals in conservation, protects and support Macaws as well as other Parrot species, and keep the local flora and fauna in good health. Many of the plants you see on the new Malecon in Puerto Vallarta were also donated by the gardens. A visit to these gardens is an indirect contribute to the health and welfare of Mexico’s wildlife and landscape.


When you arrive in the park you can head straight to the main building, if you wish, and get a bite to eat in the restaurant which, like the gift shop, showcases local produce alongside its other delicious fare. In the main building you will also find the Orchid Gallery (which the gardens are rightly proud of) and the day beds, where you can sit back and relax in tranquillity. Taking a book, kindle tablet is a great way to while away an afternoon in the cool fresh air.

The many trails through the park are well sign posted and have been designed to show you the very best of the landscapes encompassed by the Vallarta Botanical Gardens. You can, for example, take one of the trails that goes down by the river and take a dip, if you’re brave enough to face the cold water. Alternatively you could take one of the extremely popular jungle trails which will take you through dense, lush jungle scenes. Either way you’ll see a variety of plants including, but not limited to, Vanilla, Coffee, Tobacco and Cacti.

The Gardens are open 9am – 6pm (Tuesday to Sunday) from April to November, and if you come at the right time you might catch the bird festival or flower show!

two bedroom suite

Tips for Decorating your Property at Villa La Estancia

Don’t make the same errors that many first time property purchasers do in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta with your furnishings at Villa La Estancia Residences. Remember, you probably come from a cold, dry climate, and we have a different climate in Banderas Bay that is hot and humid for much of the year. There is also a rainy season that starts in mid-June, then continues through October. This season is also a very humid time, so properties here have to have annual maintenance and careful consideration about the kinds of materials you choose for your beach home.

The good news for those purchasing a property at Villa La Estancia is that you can purchase a furniture package that is designed especially for your property and you can be sure that the essential maintenance that is required in humid climates is met by your maintenance fees.

Nevertheless, here are some tips if you are thinking about decorating your property at Villa La Estancia yourself that will come in very handy.

  1. Invest in an Interior Designer: Investing in an interior designer is a great idea, especially when you consider just how luxurious your second home is at one of the topic hotels in Riviera Nayarit. Start by interviewing several designers, then compare their rates, and always check their references. You have to have a good working relationship with your designer, so make sure you like and get along with them. Consider it a marriage; you have to have great chemistry with your designer. Negotiate all quotes, and stay within your budget. There are so many companies to choose from, that you will have good grounds for negotiation.
  2. Do the Work Yourself: It is always more affordable and fun if you can do the shopping yourself. Take a week or two off and check out all the shops in Puerto Vallarta; you will surely find items to meet your style in the many new stores in Bay of Banderas. Then go on a ride to Guadalajara where you will be amazed at the numerous options of shops. Outside the city is Tonala, where you can purchase many items directly from the creator at superb prices.
  3. Interiors for Rental Market: Are you planning on putting your property on the rental market? If you are, then you better be careful. This is why you will need an interior decorator’s skills. The interior decorator will know the exact type of fabrics to choose from along with linens and draperies. These type of items must handle traffic, children, and sunlight.
  4. Corrosion Protection: Metal corrosion will occur if you have any metal furniture or metal on your window treatments. Corrosion is a common problem in the tropics, and having WD40 on hand is important.
  5. Tropical Wood Furniture: Wooden furniture always looks amazing in properties, but they also attract termites, which can be a common problem in humid climates. If you use this type of furnishings, then make sure you have the place fumigated regularly or opt for tropical woods that have better resistance to damaging insects.
  6. Modern Plastic Furniture: Modern plastic furniture looks amazing in the modern skyscraper units, but they also have to be taken care of. They can’t be put in the direct sun, because they can fade and melt, then they also leave an unpleasant scent when this occurs.
  7. Use Less At First: Use less furnishings at first with your new property. There is no reason that you have to furnish the entire property at once. Add bright, vibrant colors and just a few pieces to start out with. When you meet new friends, then ask them for decorating ideas, and you can get ideas when you visit their homes. This is the best way to flatter a new friend when you use a part of their décor in your own property.
Villa la Estancia Residences - Luxury Beach Real Estate

Villa La Estancia Residences for Luxury Beach Real Estate

For luxury beach real estate in Mexico, look no more! Villa La Estancia Residences is sure to fulfil your dreams of a second home in paradise or a permanent relocation in search of the good life. Life on the beach in Mexico doesn’t get more luxurious nor more affordable than at Villa La Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta on the Riviera Nayarit, with options for full and fractional real estate at a 4 Diamond hotel complex on the beach.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the reasons below why choosing luxury beach real estate in Mexico is one decision you will not regret.

Location! Location! Location!

Nuevo Vallarta, and Riviera Nayarit in general, is among Mexico’s top beach resort destinations, being a particularly convenient choice for home seekers living in Canada and the United States because of the short and affordable flights. Only a very quick drive from Puerto Vallarta’s international airport, getting to and from your vacation home is easy for you and an attractive incentive for visitors and renters alike to come and visit.

Sunny days are before you

If there is one thing that you can say about Villa La Estancia luxury beach real estate, is that the sun will shine on you more than 300 days a year. Banderas Bay, which includes the tourist destinations of Nuevo Vallarta (Riviera Nayarit), Puerto Vallarta and Punta Mita claims hot sunny weather for more than 80% of the year. Say goodbye to your socks and sweaters, say hello to flip-flops and sun hats.

Villa la Estancia Residences - Luxury Beach Real Estate

Choosing from the Best

Villa La Estancia luxury beach real estate provides you with so much choice in terms of exclusive properties located within a 4 Diamond 5 Star hotel complex. You can choose from two and three bedroom residences and luxury penthouses as well as opt for fractional purchases with a choice of 1/4 (12 weeks) or 1/8 (6 weeks) fractions. You could also begin by investing in a fraction and later use the equity towards full ownership with developer financing also available for a limited time only.

Luxury Living in an Exclusive Community

When you purchase Villa la Estancia luxury beach real estate, your property will be located within the grounds of a 5 star hotel that offers all the luxury facilities you would expect of a world class resort. You will have use of the swimming pools, loungers, access to the beach, spa, gym and restaurants etc. You will live the life of a guest at one of Nuevo Vallarta’s top hotels yet be treated to all the benefits of an owner.

The Friendliest place to live in Mexico

Making Riviera Nayarit your home, whether for only a few months each year or as a permanent residence, you will notice that this is one of the most friendly places you will find. Not only is it part of Mexico’s hospitable nature that you will be met with the friendliest locals, but you will also find a host of expats ready to invite you to a golf tournament, fishing excursion, salsa class or book club. Making a new life in Mexico, doesn’t mean you have to leave you favorite hobbies behind.

If luxury beach real estate sounds like the kind of properties you are looking for, why not explore this website further to find out how Villa La Estancia can make your dreams come true or contact us directly.