Real Estate in Mexico: Time to Buy?

Mexico has long been one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world thanks to its sandy beaches, warm climate, rich culture and varied cuisine. Mexico truly has something for everyone to enjoy. As a result, more and more foreigners are falling in love with Mexico and want to call it home. Are you considering investing in real estate in Mexico? Read below to learn more so you can make your Mexico real estate dreams come true.

Rising Property Values

It is a great time to invest in real estate in Mexico because property values are on the rise. Property values have been steadily increasing over the last decade, especially in coastal towns. New constructions are constantly popping up, and consequently more buyers are coming forward to purchase real estate in Mexico. Real estate in Mexico is still more affordable than real estate in a coastal town in the United States or Canada, so don’t wait until prices get out of your reach. Two of the top advantages to buying real estate in Mexico is that the cost to maintain your property is very low, and property taxes are significantly less than average property taxes in the United States.

Best Investment

Interested in a real estate property that also comes with fabulous amenities and services? You should check out real estate at the renowned Villa La Estancia. With properties located in Riviera Nayarit and Cabo San Lucas, Villa La Estancia could be the dream home you’ve been searching for. This award winning luxury resort has everything from multiple pools, world class spa, gym, tantalizing restaurants and so much more. All right on the beach with amazing ocean views from every unit. The elegantly designed suites have all the highest quality finishes and touches you deserve. Are you ready to treat yourself to the best?

Foreigners Can Purchase Real Estate in Mexico

In the past, many people believed that foreigners could not own real estate in Mexico near the beach. However, you are able to make your real estate dream come true by establishing a trust in which your property title will be held. Contact one of our professional real estate associates today to help explain further the process required. They will walk you through every step to make the process easy and streamlined so that you can have more time enjoying your piece of real estate in Mexico.

Rental Income

Riviera Nayarit and Cabo San Lucas are two of Mexico’s top tourist destinations. If you purchase real estate in Mexico in these towns, you will have the opportunity to earn rental income by leasing out your property when you are not using it. If you are smart enough to invest in the luxurious Villa La Estancia, our on site staff can assist you in securing renters for your property. They will make sure you have your valuable vacation time allocated on the calendar, so no overlapping or double booking occurs.

If you plan to buy real estate in Mexico, don’t hesitate too long as properties are flying off the market due to increased popularity. The time is now!

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Introduction to Types of Real Estate in Mexico

When it comes to real estate options for vacation homes, Mexico is the place to look. Mexico can deliver if you are looking to buy an amazing villa that overlooks breathtaking tropical waters or even if you want to design your own home. There are many real estate opportunities in Mexico awaiting you. Here is our guide to the types of real estate in Mexico.

Guide to Types of Real Estate in Mexico:

  • Houses and single family homes in Mexico

Usually the houses in Mexico are two story houses. In the cities the houses are generally bigger. Traditionally houses in Mexico would come with a courtyard, designed purposely so on hot and humid summer days the homeowner can remain cool. Nowadays you will find more variety, with many modern homes in Mexico resembling North America and Europe homes.

  • Condos in Mexico

Condos are becoming a more and more popular option for real estate in Mexico, particularly in tourist areas where foreign investment is becoming more prominent. When you own a condo, you own a unit that is in a large building or complex, and you usually have access to a pool and/or a gym; your association fees will help maintain these common areas. There are some limits on condo owners as to what changes you can do to the interiors of your apartment, but in general, you can decorate your unit as you like. Changes to the common areas will be controlled by the homeowner’s association or the company that is employed to administer the condo.

  • Villas in Mexico

A ‘villa’ traditionally refers to a large luxurious home that is elegant and sophisticated, usually fairly big and overlooking some kind of impressive view. For example, the villas at Villa La Estancia offer incredible ocean views. Villas are certainly one of the most luxurious options for real estate in Mexico.

  • Condo-Hotels In Mexico

A condo-hotel in Mexico refers to real estate option for people to purchase homes at a hotel complex. The units you can purchase come with many added features such as using room service and concierge services with the hotel. Sometimes there will be great restaurants, a spa and multiple pools.

  • Apartments in Mexico

An apartment in Mexico is usually in a large building and the apartment can be rented or even purchased. The location, style, and size can vary as there are one bedroom apartments that are located in a family style neighborhood and all the way up to five bedroom apartments that is located within the city and these come with added features such as a Jacuzzi and a balcony that you can enjoy.

  • Building Your Own Home in Mexico

You can purchase land, then have your own home built for you in Mexico. If this is what you are wanting to do, then you should hire an experienced contractor. You should always be available and let them know exactly what you want done through each of the construction processes, so you can avoid any costly mistakes and surprises that wasn’t included in your original design.

What is your favorite type of real estate in Mexico? Leave us your comments.

Mexico Property Advice

Mexico Property Advice

If you are thinking about purchasing property in Mexico but you are a bit wary, you are not alone. While there really is nothing to fear when it comes to purchasing real estate in Mexico it can be a bit daunting, and you are right to be here seeking some Mexico property advice before making your investment. This article is aimed at people like you who want to find out more about Mexico property purchasing.

Mexico Property Advice

Get help from someone you trust

It is recommended (but not essential) that you hire an attorney who is familiar with property laws in Mexico and who can speak both Spanish and English. Working with a reputable professional real estate agent whom you trust is another alternative. You will however, need the services of an accredited notary public.

Select the property you want, then verbally agree on a price

The first step is to find the appropriate property for your requirements and desires then agree a price verbally.

Get a sales agreement (Convenio de Compra/Venta)

The next step is to get a “Convenio de Compra/Venta” also known as a sales agreement, which is where your attorney or notary will come in handy. This agreement should cover all the property costs, any exclusions or inclusions and a deposit (generally 5-10%, and if you cancel your purchase, then the deposit is non-refundable).

Property Trust

Non Mexicans need to set up a property trust known as a fideicomiso if the property that you are wanting to purchase is within the 50km border zone, which includes the coastlines. If the property is not within the border zone, then usually no trust will need to be set up. This can be done at most reputable banks and is recommended over having some private third party “lend” their name.

Permission to purchase land

The Foreign Secretary Office must grant permission for you to purchase land in Mexico, and this permission is called the “Calvo Clause”, which states you are not seeking any foreign jurisdiction for the property you are wishing to purchase.

Consulte a Notary Public

If the property that you are purchasing is being sold by a real estate developer, then seek advice from a Notary Public, so the Notary Public can check for all permits. If you are buying directly from the seller, you will need the help of notary to ensure that all tax bills, utilities bills and any service fees on the land have been paid.

Ask to see a copy of the deed

Ask the seller of the property for a copy of the property deed. The Notary Public will make sure the deeds are legal and you should ask the Notary Public to make sure the land is not ejido land, which means that its sale is restricted.

Immigration Status

Make sure that your immigration status is legal when you purchase. That means you will need to have a valid 6 month tourist permit or official visa, so the Mexican government knows you are legally allowed to be in the country.

Prepare Documents

Make sure you have copies of any marriage or birth certificates, your passport, migratory documents, etc and be prepared to have them translated by an official translator (known in Mexico as a “perito”) and apostilled.

Capital Gains Tax

The seller is responsible to pay all Capital Gains Tax unless you, the buyer, have agreed to pay or divide these taxes.

Final Payment

The final payment will be made at the notary public’s office at the signing. You may wish to have your attorney with you when paying with cash or financing from a bank.

If you would like anymore Mexico property advice, click here.

Looking for Property in Mexico?

Buying property in Mexico is a great investment compared to the real estate available in the United States and in Europe, and includes houses, condos, apartments, luxury mansions and resort living like that offered here at Villa La Estancia Residences. The prices of property in Mexico saw a downturn after the recession of 2009 but are on the increase, so be sure to act soon to get the best prices.

Pros and Cons of Buying Property in Mexico

As in any country, you may hear ‘horror stories’ related to buying property, but generally speaking, purchasing property in Mexico is very easy and goes smoothly. The land in Mexico is low in price, and low local labor costs mean that maintenance is much cheaper than back home, so too are the taxes and your utility expenses. Likewise the actual cost of real estate is generally very affordable in Mexico.

The reasons for purchasing property in Mexico will be different for each and every person reflecting your personal circumstances. Maybe, you have been residing in Mexico for several years, renting property after property, which is always a waste of money in the long term, or maybe you are looking for an investment that will bring in extra income. For example, the most common reason for purchasing property in Mexico at Villa La Estancia Residences is to have a second home where you can stay for vacations both long and short-term.

Choosing the Best Investment

Property in Mexico increases in value just like in other countries, however it is worth noting that property prices and their rate of increase will depend very much on the popularity of the location you are choosing for your purchase. For example; is it in a popular city like Puerto Vallarta or on the beach? Is there a large development like a shopping mall, airport or highway planned for your area? There are three key factors which can help you choose property in Mexico that is likely to rise in value which include: the location of the property, the attractions near the property, and if the property is located by the airport or busy highways.

When you purchasing property in Mexico, one of the key factors is to think about the current level of development of the area and its potential. You might buy a property at a low price while there is very little to do in the way of attractions, restaurants and access to other major cities or an airport, and then see a great rise in your property value as development begins to happen in that area, like a new highway or shopping mall. However, beware that this may take some years or never happen in particularly rural areas. Mexico is nearly 2 million square kilometers and many of the country is not accessed easily. The highways and roads are improving, and roads are being added to the remote areas, so be patient as this does take time.


Before you purchase property in Mexico you should first do research on the property and the area that it is located in, then make sure you choose the location very carefully. You should always hire a professional to conduct the purchase of the property, so that the legal transaction follows the laws in Mexico.

There have been thousands and thousands of foreigners that have purchased property successfully in Mexico. You can be another foreigner that purchases property in Mexico too.

Why not come and visit us at Villa La Estancia Residences on a Try and Buy visit to start the ball rolling. Click here for more information about our TRY AND BUY scheme. Before you know it you will be a property owner in Mexico.