Visit the Maritime Museum in Puerto Vallarta

The fascinating Puerto Vallarta Naval Museum and Naval Historical Center aims to exhibit and preserve Mexico’s rich culture and history. Since its opening in 2006, it has devoted itself to educating visitors on the wide-reaching positive effects of Mexico’s Navy on this country. You can find this great historical venue right next to Los Arcos on Puerto Vallarta’s famous Malecon boardwalk. The colonial-style building also once served as the Port Authority office, the local Navy Headquarters, and the Navy Hospital in the past. Are you a Villa La Estancia homeowner in Riviera Nayarit and want to head down to PV for the day? If so, escape from the sun’s hot rays, and go explore this great historical place and the nautical treats it offers.

Mexico and Its Maritime History

The museum will take you as far back as pre-hispanic times when Mexico’s maritime history began. You can learn more about Puerto Vallarta and its rich past as a port city. The exhibits include the city’s former encounters with the Nao ships which came here all the way from China. The museum also highlights important history on the port’s trade with other ports, documented sea journeys, and an account on how the bay was defended during wartime. There are also five exhibition rooms inside the museum that display amazing artifacts that belong to its permanent collections of maps, photos, paintings, and documents. You will discover a deeper understanding of how the naval history of Mexico has evolved through time. There are displays of a variety of naval uniforms used by sailors throughout the years which seem to come alive as you tour the museum.

Real-life Navigation Exhibitions

Your dream to become one with the seas will become reality as you explore the detailed scale models of old and modern vessels, as well as the forts and topographic layout of Mexico’s prominent ports. Sailing the open seas will be more exciting as you watch the museum’s audio-visual exhibitions and a special five-screen navigation simulator. You get a chance to see what it feels like to maneuver a large ship across different environments and conditions. The navigation instruments and charts on display will also awaken the sailor spirit within you.

One of Mexico’s most important historical events occurred on April 21, 1914, when a group of young men defended the port of Veracruz against the naval school during the second North American Intervention. You will also explore the long-held custom of how sailors kept themselves entertained while at sea. They placed terrifying, mythological creatures within navigation charts to give fellow sailors a good natured scare and to keep everyone alert.

Times to Visit

Villa La Estancia homeowners, residents and visitors may visit this great historical spot throughout the year and at a fraction of the cost. Its entrance fee is only 45 pesos for general admission and 30 pesos for children, students, teachers, and senior citizens. Persons with disability and children below 6 years of age may enter the museum for free. It is open from Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm.

Villa La Estancia homeowners should take advantage of the chance to enjoy the nautical and historical experiences found only at the Naval Museum in Puerto Vallarta. Ships ahoy!

Best Advice for Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta

Top Ten Activities to Try in Puerto Vallarta

It can be quite difficult to select only ten activities that one should partake in while in Puerto Vallarta. This post simply is not long enough to list out and explain all of the various types of wonderful things to do in Puerto Vallarta. In order to help you get ready for an upcoming vacation to Puerto Vallarta and to make a decision on whether or not you would like to move there, here are the ten favored activities for this area.

  1. Golf
  2. Puerto Vallarta Golf Courses

    The golf courses in Puerto Vallarta are simply gorgeous. You can enjoy world-class courses that allow for you to look out over the ocean. You will not be able to enjoy such luxury in many other places. Learn to play golf in the sunshine for one of the top things to do in Puerto Vallarta.

  3. Sunset Walks
  4. Puerto Vallarta Sculptures on the boardwalk - Nostalgia

    It can be magical to walk along the beach barefoot, putting your toes in the sand and in the beautiful water. Since Banderas Bay is so wide, you will always have a chance to view a majestic sunset. The Malecon boardwalk is another place from which you can look at the sunset while you enjoy an ice cream or frozen yogurt. You even can get a cocktail to sip while you revel in this natural beauty.

  5. Skydiving
  6. Sky Diving in Puerto Vallarta

    Skydiving is a fairly new activity that is popular in Puerto Vallarta, with a brand new skydiving company having opened in Nuevo Vallarta recently. This company has a great reputation, and offers both beginners and more experienced people to jump. You can have a qualified instructor bring you on a safe tandem jump, or go on your own if you have a certification. Train for your skydiving certificate in Puerto Vallarta if you intend on being in the area for awhile.

  7. Whale Watching
  8. whale watching tours in Puerto Vallarta

    During the winter months, you can go on whale watching tours in Puerto Vallarta, and indeed can often see them jumping from the shoreline. Whales arrive to the warmer waters of Banderas Bay starting in November and are typically around until the end of March, when then they head north following the currents and food.

  9. Sports Fishing
  10. fishing in Puerto Vallarta

    This is one of the favorite pastimes that many people in Puerto Vallarta take part in. Numerous people who live in the area fish for the purpose of eating it, and some do just for fun. Book a tour, or you can charter a yacht if you want something that is more private. Look out for fish such as Sailfish, Red Snapper, Marlin, Tuna, and Mahi Mahi.

  11. Zip Lining
  12. Zip line Tour in Puerto Vallarta

    It can be very exciting to travel over the canopies of trees in the jungle, and that is just what you will be able to do when you go zip lining. You also will get to traverse rivers by hanging onto a rope. Have a great adventure when you go out on a zip line canopy tour. It can be truly amazing to view the forests in this way.

  13. Botanical Gardens
  14. Botanical Garden in Puerto Vallarta

    For people who enjoy the calm, the Vallarta Botanical Gardens can provide a tranquil oasis in the midst of the hectic atmosphere that is at the beach and boardwalk and the other surroundings. The Botanical Gardens are located high in the mountains, surrounded by jungle. You can escape the heat and experience quality time by the river, as well as at the shop and restaurant. Spend a whole day there if you wish to be refreshed for one of the most tranquil things to do in Puerto Vallarta.

  15. Marigalante Pirate Ship
  16. Marigalante Pirate Ship Puerto Vallarta

    If you would like to get a chance to experience the Pirates of the Bay, it is a good idea to take a pirate ship cruise. When you purchase tickets, you will get to have a meal and have access to the open bar. There will be family-friendly pirate entertainment to accompany your cruise and, if you would rather go during the day, you can opt for the Pirate Ship Day Tour and have a great time kayaking and snorkeling. This is one of the best family things to do in Puerto Vallarta.

  17. Paddle Boarding
  18. Top things to do in Puerto Vallarta - Paddleboarding

    Paddle boarding has become quite the popular activity in Puerto Vallarta. Many of the hotels actually have paddle boarding equipment that you may borrow. Also, a great number of the beach clubs have boards that you can borrow at no charge or rent at a reasonable price.

  19. Night Out on the Town
  20. Night Out on the Town

    The Malecon is full of a bustling party atmosphere that you are sure to love. You should spend at least one night out in this neighborhood. The nightclubs there are free for you to visit, and anyone who is 18 years of age and older can enter. You do not even have to go into the clubs in order to experience the buzzing night life that is a part of the Malecon; just stand outside and you will hear the music and catch scent of the vibe.