Puerto Vallarta’s Restaurant Week 2017 On the Horizon

Well, it’s official; Puerto Vallarta’s Restaurant Week 2017 is on the horizon once more, this May from the 15th to 31st, and is set to be an amazing culinary feast (as it usually is) involving many of the leading lights of cuisine in the city! This food-driven event is conducted in the style similar to London and New York restaurant weeks, and has been running since 2005!

Culinary Tourism

Since its advent, Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Week has grown in popularity and scope year on year, and is now one of the finest events in Puerto Vallarta to draw culinary tourism. In fact it attracts thousands of people each year, which is no doubt one of the reasons as to why so many of the best restaurants in the city habitually take part.

Locals and Tourists Love Restaurant Week in Puerto Vallarta

For restaurateurs this event is a chance to widen their consumer base, gain acclaim, and showcase the very best of what they have to offer, but for locals and tourists alike it is a chance to kick back and experience the best the city has to offer in terms of cuisine. Better still Restaurant Week allows diners to sample the best restaurants in the city at discounted prices.

How it works

In order to participate in Restaurant Week each establishment must offer a three course menu, with three options for each course, charging one of two set prices. This chance to enjoy the perfect meal at a lower cost is just one of the reasons that locals and international tourists from across the world wait anxiously for Restaurant Week each year!

Make sure you visit your home away from home this May and see what all the fuss is about!

For more information visit the official site of the event here.