World’s Best Places to Retire – Mexico is No. 1

Mexico has edged out the competition to take the number one slot as the best country to retire in amongst U.S. expats, according to International Living (IL), which is one of the foremost authorities when it comes to global retirement and relocation statistics. The findings of this poll are rated on categories such as cost of living, the ease of obtaining visas and residence, and fitting into the local climate. With over 1 million American expats currently living in Mexico, it is clearly an attractive place to relocate, and the transition to live here is one of the easiest a person can find.

The trend of retiring abroad is one that continues to grow, with numbers expected to further increase in the coming years. While other countries on the top 10 list include Panamá, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Malaysia, Spain, Nicaragua, Portugal and Malta, Mexico has outshone them all as the top contender for a place to retire, and here are some of the main reasons why:

Affordable Living

One of the biggest concerns that retirees face is finding somewhere to live that is affordable, and Mexico definitely delivers in this category. You can live comfortably on relatively little money in Mexico, with everything from housing to food costs typically lower than back home. Healthcare is extremely high quality and costs much less than what you would pay for comparable care in the U.S., which is also endlessly appealing.

Incredible Exchange Rates

The recent exchange rates between the Mexican peso and the U.S. dollar have been strongly in favor of the dollar, meaning your money will go farther than ever before. This is a great time to take advantage of these historic numbers.

Close Proximity to the United States

With many tourist destinations such as Cabo, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta offering direct flights to several U.S. cities, getting back and forth can be relatively painless. Knowing you can hop on the next flight and be at your destination in mere hours is a major relief for retirees who travel frequently between the two countries.

Impressive Amenities and Entertainment

Depending on where you choose to move within Mexico, you may find conveniences comparable to what you would find back home, from shopping at places like Costco and Walmart to fast food chains common in the states. World-class dining options are also plentiful, as are English-language movies in many theaters, festivals of all types, major musical acts that tour through larger cities and a wide variety of nightlife.

English is Widely Spoken in Many Cities

From coastal towns to big cities, it is very common for English to be spoken by the locals in Mexico, making a move away from the U.S. less intimidating if you don’t speak Spanish.

Why do you think Mexico is a great place to retire? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box.

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