Reasons to Retire in Mexico

Retiring in a foreign country has long been the fashion in the United States, Canada and Europe since the first wave of baby boomers began to take early retirement; so why is retiring in Mexico such as popular choice for North Americans?

There are so many reasons that make retiring in Mexico such a great choice. Whether you have retired early in your 40s or 50s, are reaching the state retirement age or are a fighting fix octogenarian looking for a location where you can afford to grow old in style, Mexico has so much offer. Let’s take a closer look at why you might retire in Mexico.

Warm Weather

Many people choose to retire in Mexico looking for warmer weather conditions, avoiding harsh winters and enjoying the sunshine throughout the year. For this reason, the popular locations for retirement in Mexico tend to be on the coast, locations such as Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and Cancun, for instance; although many retirees opt for temperate climates in land which boast eternal springs rather than eternal summers. Living in locations that boast warm weather and sunshine throughout the year can do wonders for our health, skin and moods thanks to increased levels of vitamin D and serotonin from the sun.

More Affordable

Your pension and savings will go a lot further in Mexico and you can expect a higher standard of luxuries on a lower budget. Real estate is more affordable and many who choose to retire in Mexico can afford to keep their house back home as well as their second home in Mexico to escape the winters. Likewise, more luxurious properties become more accessible and you can spend out on amenities like swimming pools, jacuzzis and maid services, which all enhance your quality of life.

Excellent Private Medical Care

Excellent private medical care is available in Mexico, which has seen a huge rise in the popularity of medical tourism for both essential healthcare as well as cosmetic surgery. You will find that you will be able to afford a better health care plan for less in Mexico, or indeed discover that your health care coverage from home is extended over the border. On another note, home staff and caregivers are much more affordable in Mexico, so you might find that care for elderly members of the family can continue at home, without having to resort to using a residential or care home.

Making the Most of Life

Many retirees feel more at home in Mexico than in the US or Canada due to the spirit and warmth of the Mexican culture and people who so appreciate foreigners and their investment. The hospitality of Mexico is renowned and setting up home in the major tourist areas will offer you the chance to live that warmth firsthand. Retirement is the time of life when you should live your dreams and try those things you have always wanted to do but had too many responsibilities back home. Mexico’s laid back attitude and vibrant culture is the ideal stomping ground for those looking to let their hair down and live life to the full.