Cabo Marina: Top Places to Visit

There are tons of great activities and sights to see in Cabo San Lucas. With its unique desert landscape, incredible Sea of Cortez waters, and sandy white beaches, Cabo San Lucas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Mexico. In addition to these wonderful features, Cabo also has a lively Marina that visitors and residents should take time to visit. The marina is an upscale development with a comfortable, wide promenade that is perfect for strolling. There are loads of bars, restaurants and shopping all in one spot. Do you live in Cabo or dream of living there one day? If you are in the market for prime beachfront Cabo real estate, Villa La Estancia is proud to offer one of the most desirable properties in town. Read below to learn more about Villa La Estancia and the Cabo Marina, which is a not to miss landmark in Cabo San Lucas.

Humble Origins

About four decades ago, the Cabo San Lucas Marina was a quaint and quiet space that housed a old cannery and a few charter fishing boats. Over the years, the area has slowly developed to become the marina it is today with tons of great restaurants, luxury boutiques, casual shops and bars. The marina is a great spot for watching the sunset as you kick back and explore. There is a Golden Zone shopping area that attracts cruise ship travelers, and you can find cultural events including plays and dance performances regularly held in the Cultural Pavilion.

Modern Marina

These days, the Cabo marina is a modern and contemporary marina with loads of water-based activities for visitors to enjoy. Cabo Dolphins is one top tourist hot spot who offer the chance to swim with dolphin and dolphin encounters for guests of all ages. Looking for adventure and adrenaline pumping activities? Cabo Expeditions is another tour company that has offices in the marina. They offer tours including parasailing, whale watching, scuba, snorkeling, water ski and snuba tours which is a hybrid of snorkeling and scuba.

Where To Eat & Drink

Seafood is the main food of choice in Cabo marina due to the abundant marine life in the area and fresh catches. Many restaurants in the Marina have menus featuring delicious local seafood, or you can even catch your own and they will prepare it for you. Lorenzillo’s is the top rated local lobster house if you are in the mood for lobster and the newer Baja Lobster Company is another great option. Other top seafood restaurants choices to try include Solomon’s Landing and Captain Tony’s. The marina also has several great bars and lounges to choose from. Kick back and sip on a refreshing cocktail as you savor the private yacht and marina views. Nowhere Bar has popular Ladies’ Night promotions and Barometro is a hip, laid back lounge. Señor Sweets is the place to go if you want a fine dining experience with a great wine selection.

Where To Shop

Ready to drop some big bucks on designer digs? You can do that in the Marina Golden Zone where an upscale stretch of boardwalk homes luxury boutiques and designer shops among the restaurants in the area. Don’t miss the adjacent Puerto Paraiso Mall and the Luxury Avenue boutique complex where you can find brands including Cartier, Fendi and other high end designs. Many regard the center of the Cabo Marina as Puerto Paraiso due to its distinctive tower that is also a helpful landmark for visitors trying to orient themselves to the area.

Where to Stay: Luxury Beachfront Residences

Are you also looking for a nice place to stay in Cabo? There are many lucrative real estate investments in the area such as the luxurious beachfront residences at Villa La Estancia. Villa La Estancia private beachfront residences are solidly constructed with careful attention to detail. Both full or fractional ownership options are available so you can find the perfect real estate to suit your needs whether you are looking for a retirement home, vacation home or a rental investment. Villa La Estancia has the best location in town and the amenities are world class. In addition, the added benefit of condo-hotel concept is that you have a front desk concierge and security available all hours of the day. Don’t miss out on this prime real estate opportunity. Did you know that Villa La Estancia in Cabo only has a few units left for sale? Make sure to contact us soon to schedule a tour so you can see our amazing property for yourself before it’s too late.

Next time you find yourself in Cabo, don’t miss the Cabo Marina with its world class shopping, varied dining and numerous water adventure opportunities. Schedule a visit to tour Villa La Estancia as well as it could be the ideal second home in paradise you have been dreaming of.

Dining in Cabo

Los Cabos is, and has been for a while, one of the hottest vacation destinations in Mexico; this is one of the best places to enjoy outdoor activities, and it has a really lively cultural scene. Of the many wonderful things about Los Cabos, the culinary options are a highlight in their own right! There are a seemingly endless number of restaurants for all budgets as well as places where you can enjoy cooking classes. Here are some great options to dining in Cabo.

Sunset da Mona Lisa

Atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere; Sunset da Mona Lisa in Los Cabos just oozes charm, romance, and ambience. Upon arrival you will no doubt notice the view of the Land’s End arches; this alone is worth a visit! Of course the food, too, is phenomenal; pasta dishes, fresh local seafood, and pizza star on this menu and make it the perfect place for a casual meal or a sunset drink.


This popular establishment has giving birth to a new cuisine; the mingling of traditional Mexican and Japanese flavors is an unusual one, but the result is stunning. The tempura oysters, Bluefin Tuna sashimi, or beef fillet serranito, for example, will make your tastebuds tingle with pleasure when you are dining in Cabo.

El Farallón

This Los Cabos restaurant overlooks the Pacific Ocean, and sits on a stunning Cliffside where it offers diners the chance to select their meal, market style, from a variety of fresh caught fish and seafood. The fare is then grilled to perfection for exquisite tenderness and taste. A great choice for dining in Cabo.

Flora’s Field Kitchen

Flora’s Field Kitchen is located in the middle of an organic farm, from which it gets its name, and serves fresh food direct from the source. Anyone who visits is sure to be enchanted by the ambience as much as the delicious menu which features a huge variety of dishes ranging from vegetarian fare to humanely raised meats, from gourmet pizzas to homemade pastas.

Manta at The Cape

Enrique Olvera is a celebrated chef and restaurateur, and his food can be sampled both in Pujol in Mexico City and in Manta here in Los Cabos. This fine dining venue gives great views of the rock formations at Land’s End, which provides the best backdrop for a romantic evening meal. The menu here rotates, but focuses on locally caught seafood and “Pacific Rim” flavors. There are also taster menus for the adventurous.

Edith’s Restaurante

Edith Jiménez, owner of this eponymous eatery in Los Cabos, drew on the tastes and ingredients of her home state, Guerrero, to create the menu here. The flavors of her home state are effortlessly combined with Baja tastes, and the results are phenomenal; some truly delectable Mexican dishes can be found here, and enjoyed on an alluring patio.

Please add your own personal favorites for dining in Cabo to this short list of restaurants.

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