Relocation to Mexico – Coping with Missing your Family

While deep down you know that moving to Mexico is going to be an ideal change for you, your first months or year will require you to adjust to such things as missing your friends and family from your home country. For some people, relocation to Mexico means leaving behind elderly parents and grown up children, while for others, a sense of homesickness is created just by the simple fact of not being in your home country. Here are some tips for coping with missing your family upon relocation to Mexico.

Relocate to destinations in Mexico that have direct flights to your home city

Where possible, a great tip is to choose where you are going to live wisely. Relocation to a city in Mexico that is served by direct flights or budget airlines will help you bridge the distance between your new life and your home town. Your relatives and friends will find it easy to give you a visit and you will be able to get home quickly in an emergency.

Take advantage of Mexico’s Lower costs of Living

You will be happy to hear that life in Mexico is less expensive than in many other countries, particularly when you compare the USA and Canada. Not only will this be a great bargaining tool to encourage your friends and family to come and visit you but also allows you to make savings. A great tip is to save money for regular flights home or even to pay for members of your family to come and visit you; that way coping with missing your family after relocation to Mexico will be less.

Choose a place for relocation where the sun shines

Mexico is the ideal place to escape the uncomfortable winter climates of North America, which will encourage your friends and family to come and visit.

Purchase or rent somewhere with rooms to accommodate guests

Finding a place where there are plenty of rooms and bathrooms for your guests is another way to ensure that visitors will want to visit you in Mexico. People are more likely to feel comfortable staying with you if they know that your home is tailored for having guests. Likewise, homes with easy access to amenities like swimming pools, restaurants, stores etc will give your guests freedom so they are not dependent on you, which will encourage them to visit more regularly.

Call Family and Friends Regularly

Setting a regular schedule to get in touch with your closest friends and family will help you cope with homesickness. Find a schedule that fits well with you. That might mean every few days, once a week, once a month, or every time there is a holiday; the key is to make it regular. Having a routine with regards to communicating with your dear ones is better than realizing that a whole year has gone by.

Use Technology to Get in Touch

Your internet connection and gadgets such as webcams make communication easier and faster. Use free services such as FaceTime and Skype so that you can even have a face-to-face connection with your closest back home. With the abundance of technology and internet access we have now, there is no excuse not to get in touch regularly. Before your relocation to Mexico, make sure you get someone to show you how to use this technology so that it is easy for you to stay in touch.

Create a New Social Circle

The best way to fight homesickness upon relocation to Mexico is to have a new set of friends and acquaintances. Be as sociable as possible if you really want to find new friends. You can join dance classes, yoga, take Spanish lessons, and other activities that will help you widen your circle of friends within your community. Your new acquaintances might be Mexicans, expats or both.