Living in Nuevo Vallarta with a Young Family

If you have decided that living in Nuevo Vallarta is the right thing for you and your family, or perhaps you are still undecided if it is the right move, here are some reasons why living in Nuevo Vallarta with a young family could be the best decision you ever make.

Living in Nuevo Vallarta with a Young Family

Nuevo Vallarta and neighboring Puerto Vallarta have many different kinds of activities for people of all ages, budgets, and persuasions, and so you can find something to do in every corner of Banderas Bay, even if you come with a young family. The beach in Nuevo Vallarta is perhaps its best feature with shallow waves ideal for playing and bodyboarding, but there is also a good shopping mall, dolphin sanctuary and a small marina with a boardwalk. Plus, the streets are safe for bicycles, and there is a jogging lane that can also be used for rollerblading.


On the North Shore just a short drive from Nuevo Vallarta, you can find Bucerias with its quiet yet hip atmosphere, art galleries, beach and water sports. Further north you will come to Punta Mita where the sun, sand, and seafood make for a great time for all the family. This is the area to be in if you want to enjoy some sport fishing, bird watching, boating, or a leisurely cruise around the bay. When living in Nuevo Vallarta, going north is sure to be something you do regularly.


If you head just a little further North, you will come to the famous Sayulita, which is known as a surfer’s paradise. If you have demanding teenagers this hip and funky town is a must visit; the crowd here is young, and the waves are a most stunning and affordable playground. In Sayulita great restaurants catering to all budgets can be found around the plaza.

Downtown Puerto Vallarta

Heading into Puerto Vallarta is about a 30-minute drive when living in Nuevo Vallarta. The downtown area of Puerto Vallarta is teeming with activities for people of all ages, and the boardwalk is a great place to see and be seen. Your teenagers might like to hit Senor Frogs, and little ones will love the Papantla dancers and the street performers. Either way, you should walk along the boardwalk to see the open air theatre at Los Arcos, where there are generally a variety of shows, and of course the Los Muertos Pier where you can enjoy an ice-cream and some really stunning views.

Puerto Vallarta’s South Shore

Starting where the cobblestones meet a paved highway after Puerto Vallarta’s Old Town, the South Shore heads towards Barra de Navidad along a beautiful coastal. Along this road you can find beaches, jungle, and river walks, and even bungee jumping. Your young children may enjoy the zoo and a trip to the Vallarta Botanical gardens too. The south shore is a great place for nature-loving people living in Nuevo Vallarta.

Mountain Towns

For those days when you have had enough of the beach, you can always head into the mountains for a cooler experience. The towns of Mascota, El Tuito, and San Sebastian are charming towns which are fairly close to Nuevo Vallarta, taking between an hour and two hours to reach. This can be a very rewarding way to spend your time if you want to do something away from the beach. If you travel just an hour inland from Nuevo Vallarta and you will find San Sebastian where there is a wonderful plaza to stroll along, a river to hike along, and wonderful eateries in which to cool off and recuperate.

Mascota is found only half an hour from San Sebastian and has a wonderful medieval church to see. Close to here is the Sierra Lago Resort where you might choose to visit for a relaxing weekend; this is a heavenly mountain resort nestled by a hidden lake is surrounded by forest. This resort has horses, bicycles, and serves some of the most gorgeous meals in the area. This is a must when you have growing kids who love to explore the outdoors.

Nuevo Vallarta is without a doubt a fantastic family friendly place to live. Living in Nuevo Vallarta will certainly bring a host of wonderful experiences.